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For questions related to individual East Texas Broadcasting radio stations, please phone, email or fax us via one of the following:

East Texas Broadcasting

Chairman of the Board: John Mitchell

President: Bud Kitchens

Secretary/Treasurer: Cindy Delaney

Contact Us


Mt. Pleasant, TX Office:            

                                                   Listener Lines:
Radio Stations: STAR 96.9 FM 903-572-1437
K-LAKE 97.7 FM 903-577-9775
La Super K 903-577-0960
 Mailing Address:
1798 US HWY 67 W
PO Box 990
Mount Pleasant, TX 75456
Main Phone: 903-572-8726
Main Fax: 903-572-7232
General Manager: Bud Kitchens

Paris, TX Office:

 Listener Lines:
Radio Stations: KOYN 93.9 FM 903-784-4494
KBUS 101.9 FM 903-785-1019
MIX 107.7 FM 903-784-1077
KPLT 1490 AM/96.3 FM 903-739-8255
Mailing Address: 2810 Pine Mill Road
Paris, TX 75460
Main Phone: 903-785-1068
Main Fax: 903-785-7176
General Manager: Bud Kitchens


Sulphur Springs, TX Office:

 Listener  Line:
Radio Stations: STAR 95.9 FM 903-885-1221
Mailing Address: 930 Gilmer Street
Sulphur Springs, TX 75482
Office: 903-885-1546
Fax: 903-885-1101
General Manager: Bud Kitchens


Staff Contacts:

Mt Pleasant/Sulphur Springs:

President/General Manager Bud Kitchens
General Sales Manager April Bliss
Mount Pleasant News Director Clint Cooper
Sulphur Springs News Director Dave Kirkpatrick
Human Resources Jarae Myrick
Traffic Director Justice Thornburg
STAR 96.9 Morning Show/Program Mgr Cary Eldridge
STAR 95.9 Morning Show Host Jordan Owens
K-LAKE 97.7 Morning Show Host Collins Knighton
La Super K 960/104.3 Host Paco Gonzalez
Digital/Sales Assistant Terrie Eldridge
Account Executive Bryan Friesth
Account Executive Martha McGregor
Senior Account Executive Richard Ross
Account Executive Kim Bullock
Account Executive Brandy White



Market Manager Dave Johnson
News Director/SS office Dave Kirpatrick
Traffic Director Shelby Watkins
KBUS 101.9 Morning Show Host Rod     Willis
KOYN 93.9Morning Show/Program Mgr Eric Kauffman
MIX 107.7 Morning Show Host Dan Murphy
 Sports Host/ pt Account Executive  Steve Johnston
Account Executive Kay McMellon
Account Executive Alex Fowzer







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