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For questions related to individual East Texas Broadcasting radio stations, please phone, email or fax us via one of the following:

East Texas Broadcasting

Chairman of the Board: John Mitchell

President: Bud Kitchens

Secretary/Treasurer: Cindy Delaney

Contact Us


Mt. Pleasant, TX Office:
Radio Stations: Listener Lines:
STAR 96.9 FM      (KSCN) 903-572-1437
 K-LAKE 97.7 FM  (KALK) 903-577-9775
LA SUPER  K        (KIMP) 903-577-0960
Physical Address: 1798 US HWY 67 W
Mount Pleasant, TX 75455
Mailing Address PO Box 990
Mount Pleasant, TX 75456
Main Phone: 903-572-8726
Main Fax: 903-572-7232
General Manager: Bud Kitchens
 MP PSA email address:  myevents@easttexasradio.com



Paris, TX Office:
Radio Stations: Listener Lines:
KOYN 93.9 FM 903-784-4494
KBUS 101.9 FM 903-785-1019
MIX 107.7 FM 903-784-1077
                             KPLT 1490 AM/96.3 FM 903-739-8255
Physical Address: 2810 Pine Mill Road
Paris, TX 75460
Mailing Address P.O. Box 1038
Paris, TX 75461
Main Phone: 903-785-1068
Main Fax: 903-785-7176
Market Manager: Dave Johnson
Paris PSA email address:  mytown@easttexasradio.com



Sulphur Springs, TX Office:
Radio Station: Listener  Line:
STAR 95.9 FM 903-885-1221
Physical Address: 930 Gilmer Street
Sulphur Springs, TX 75482
Phone : 903-885-1546
Fax: 903-885-1101
General Manager: Bud Kitchens
 SS PSA email address:  myevents@easttexasradio.com


                            Staff Contacts:
Mt Pleasant/Sulphur Springs:
President/General Manager Bud Kitchens bud@easttexasradio.com
General Sales Manager April Bliss april@easttexasradio.com
Mount Pleasant News Director Clint Cooper nscooper@easttexasradio.com
Sulphur Springs News Director Dave Kirkpatrick davekirkpatrick@easttexasradio.com
Human Resources Jill Fulce jill@easttexasradio.com
Traffic Director Justice Thornburg jthornburg@easttexasradio.com
STAR 96.9 Morning Show/Program Manager Cary Eldridge cary@easttexasradio.com
STAR 95.9 Morning Show Host Jordan Owens jordan@easttexasradio.com
K-LAKE 97.7 Morning Show Host Collins Knighton collins@easttexasradio.com
La Super K 960/104.3 Host Paco Gonzalez paco@easttexasradio.com
Digital/Sales Assistant Terrie Eldridge terrie@easttexasradio.com
Account Executive Bryan Friesth bryan@easttexasradio.com
Account Executive Martha McGregor martha@easttexasradio.com
Senior Account Executive Richard Ross rross@easttexasradio.com
Account Executive Kim Bullock kimb@easttexasradio.com
Account Executive Brandy White brandy@easttexasradio.com
Market Manager Dave Johnson davejohnson@easttexasradio.com
News Director/SS office Dave Kirpatrick davekirkpatrick@easttexasradio.com
Traffic Director Shelby Watkins shelby@easttexasradio.com
KBUS 101.9 Morning Show Host Rod Willis rod@easttexasradio.com
KOYN 93.9Morning Show/Program Manager Eric Kauffman eric@easttexasradio.com
MIX 107.7 Morning Show Host Dan Murphy dan@easttexasradio.com
 Sports Host/ pt Account Executive  Steve Johnston steven@easttexasradio.com
Account Executive Kay McMellon kay@easttexasradio.com
Account Executive Alex Fowzer alex@easttexasradio.com
Account Executive Kim Kauffman kimk@easttexasradio.com
Account Executive Tom Caldwell tom@easttexasradio.com


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