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Ten Luxury Campsites For People Who Love The Outdoors – But Not Everything That Comes With It

For some people, camping means roughing it. Bringing as little as possible, maybe just a backpack, and sleeping on the ground in a small tent or under the open sky. Eating food from a can, or maybe potatoes and vegetables cooked on the campfire, and visiting an outhouse or digging a hole in the ground when nature calls.

But there’s another way to approach camping, sometimes known as “glamping,” that involves creating as luxurious an environment as possible. It involves giant tents, air mattresses, electricity, and sometimes even TVs and a stereo system. The food is gourmet, cooked on a fancy camp stove, with cocktails and wine. Think Tom Haverford on the TV show “Parks and Recreation:” a giant tent filled with gadgets he ordered on Skymall.

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