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Sulphur Springs ISD Board Briefs 05.08.23


Tanya Larry addressed the Board on SSMS boys’ athletics.

Board Recognized Class of 2023 honor grads and presented them both with a plaque:

Valedictorian – Alexis McCoy

Salutatorian – Lawson Ost

Board-Recognized State Qualifiers:

  • Milk Quality and Products – 4th in State: Olyvia Palacios, Jeremy Resendiz, Edyline Resendiz, Lesley Santos
  • Dairy Cattle – 20th in State: Cash Gamblin, Wayne Hinton, Tripp Smith (8th overall), Tristan Eley
  • Forage – 18th in State: Catherine Starzyk, Isaac Stanley, Sienna Posey, Sharon Abrego
  • CDE – 12th in State: Tracey Shackelford, Coen Bell, Jose Flores, Jordan VanWinkle (1st high individual)
  • BPA – 22 students competed at state, and four students went to Nationals: Makieya Boren, Ashland Hooten, Holden Moss, MacKenzie Posey (1st Place Administrative Research Project Individual)
  • Skills USA: Robotics and Automation Technology – Kobe Walker, Jimmy Graham/Job Interview – Geronimo Lindley (2nd in a skill demonstration contest)
  • Wildcat and Ladycat Golf – headed to state competition this month: Nick Burney, Gage Gideon, Tatum Tran, Luke White, Caleb Kesting, McKenna Meskimen, Kenzie Posey, Evey Birdsong, Mykylie Meador, Alyson Thomas.
  • SSMS Robotics: Team 1 – Pierce Dollison, Tyler Scott, Aliyas Whorton, Bradley Case/Team 2: Sawyer Shutt, Cooper Thesing, Gavin Solorzano, Zachary Young

Administrative Reports

Dan Froneberger gave a maintenance report with updates for the month:

  • 1400 bird blocks going in at SSMS
  • Crews put up bird flags in different locations
  • Crews replaced 640 air filters for the month
  • playground inspections completed
  • cleaned out drainage behind Barbara Bush’s Primary
  • moved dirt from SSHS to other campuses to fill holes and repair
  • repaired a gas leak at the tech center

Jeremy Lopez gave the elementary update: many activities going on for the end of the school year, including STAAR tests, award celebrations, and registration for Head Start, Pre-K, and Kindergarten, are underway.

Justin Cowart gave the secondary update: SSHS – many end-of-year activities and ceremonies are happening and coming up. Five students signed up to play sports at the next level, and ten students will graduate early

SSMS – Destination Imagination headed to Globals, the ensemble won sweepstakes, the choir had a pop concert along with solo and ensemble, recently 175 students and families came and toured the school for next year, and much more

Special Education update Jeremy Lopez and Lyndsay Anderson gave: interviews are underway for seven personnel positions the school recently added. They requested one teacher position and one needed portable SSMS SAIL position, which they filled.

Discussion of districtwide Intruder Detection Audit Report findings by Mike Lamb: training scheduled to stay in compliance with audit

Report on District UIL Competition: Sasha Posey reported on elementary. Justin Cowart said on SSMS, and Gerald Grafton said SSHS had numerous students receiving, many at the state level in high school.

State medalists/qualifiers were recognized.

Present budget Calendar for 2023 – Sherry McGraw: preliminary budget values will be ready by June 12, 2023. The budget for next year should be adopted Friday, August 25, 2023

The following Head Start items were given to the Board under separate cover for informational purposes only:

Director’s Report for April 2023

Policy Council Meeting Minutes for 2023

Financial Reports for April 2023

Consent Agenda Items

Consider approval of Tax Credits and Supplements for April 2023 – Approved

Consider approval of Delinquent Tax Collections for April 2023 – Approved

Consider approval of Financial Statements and Bills Payable for April 2023 – Approved

Consider approval to extend Ag teachers to 12-month contracts for 2023 – Approved

Name Position Campus Reason Effective Date
Bailecki, Elizabeth Band Teacher Middle School Personal 5/26/2023
Barrios, Saylor Grade 7 ELAR Middle School Job 5/26/2023
Butler. Alysia Math Teacher Middle School Personal 5/26/2023
Byrd, Joanna Grade 4 ELAR/SS SSES Moving 5/26/2023
Coleman, Miranda Grade 5 Science SSES New Job 5/26/2023
Cunningham, Amie SPED Teacher Bush Primary Personal 5/26/2023
Espinoza, Yasmin SPED Teacher Douglass Personal 4/23/2023
Garcia-Hidalgo, Maria SPED Teacher SSHS Personal 5/26/2023
Garrett, Brayden HS Aide Douglass Personal 5/26/2023
Hall, Ashley English Teacher High School Personal 5/26/2023
Hall, Jamia SPED Aide SSES Personal 5/26/2023
Huzinga, Robert Transporation Director Admin Personal 7/9/2023
Jackson, Kayla SPED Teacher Bush Personal 5/26/2023
Johnson, Britni Kinder Teacher Bowie Personal 5/26/2023
Kerby, Harley Librarian Aide Johnson Primary Personal 5/26/2023
Lira, Alejandra Grade 2 DLE Teacher Travis Personal 5/26/2023
Luna, Denise SPED Aide SSES Personal 5/26/2023
McKinney, Kristin SPED Teacher High School Personal 5/26/2023
Nash, Kesha Grade 4 Math/Science SSES Personal 5/26/2023
Newton, Rebekah Grade 7 ELAR Middle School Personal 5/26/2023
Painter, Ashley Geometry Teacher SSHS New Job 5/26/2023
Perez, Lucinda Behavior Intervention Bowie Personal 5/26/2023
Phillips, Stephanie Grade 7 ELAR Middle School Retirement 5/26/2023
Polk, Shelby SPED/Behavior AIde Middle School Personal 5/26/2023
Ricker, Meghan Kinder Teacher Johnson Primary Moving 5/26/2023
Schaefer, ShaiLynn SPED Teacher SSES New Job 5/26/2023
Scritchfield, Miranda Attendance Clerk Middle School Personal 5/26/2023
Skipper, Joel Culinary Arts High School New Job 5/26/2023
Toney, Craig Director of BIL/ESL Admin New Job 5/31/2023
Virgel, Jennifer SPED Teacher High School Personal 5/26/2023
Young, Jamie English 1 High School Moving 5/26/2023
Name Position Campus Replacing Effective Date
Bain, Tanya Grade 5 ELAR/SS SSES Tissha Harris 8/10/2023
Blake, Rosa Kindergarten Bowie Brianna Peterson 8/10/2023
Chio, Beatrice Secretary Diag/LSSP Special Srvcs. New Position 8/10/2023
Clark, Spencer Ag/Welding High School Stephen Shelby 7/1/2023
Copeland, Brent At-Risk Aide Middle School Sandra Foshee 8/10/2023
Edwards, Angela Testing Coordinator SSHS Kathy Wright TBD
Evans, Rodney SPED SAIL Teacher Middle School New Position 8/10/2023
Gibson, Alicia SPED Teacher Douglass Tracy Flanery 8/10/2023
Gonzalez, Wendy Counselor High School Jamie Ladd
Hefner, Jordan Grade 6 ELAR/SPED Middle School Kylie Garmon 8/10/2023
Hefner, Joshua SPED Teacher Middle School New Position 8/10/2023
Henderson, Grace Counselor Travis Itzel Figueroa TBD
Manning, James SPED Aide Middle School Carrah Griffith 8/10/2023
Martinez, Allison Asst. Band Director High School Elizabeth Bialecki
Moore, Lena Grade 2 Johnson Primary Jady Martin 8/10/2023
Newsom, Ali Grade 1 Johnson Primary Gracie Moore 8/10/2023
Parris, Cayce Grade 5 ELAR/SS SSES Hayley McKinney 8/10/2023
Pool, Danyelle Grade 7 ELAR Middle School Rebekah Newton 8/10/2023
Satcher, Chesney Counselor High School Carol Cowley TBD
Thompson, Bailey Grade 1 Johnson Primary Erica Fierst 8/10/2023
Vandeventer, Trevor Grade 4 Math/Science SSES Kesha Nash 8/10/2023
Weatherly, Sarah Nurse-RN SSHS Beverly Mayo 8/10/2023
Werry, Skyler Math Co-Teach Middle School Stephanie Phillips 8/10/2023
Personnel Changes
Name Former Position/Campus New Position/Campus Replacing Effective Date
Brown, Sara Campus Secretary/SSMS Attendance clerk/SSMS Miranda Scritchfield 8/10/2023
Carrell, Tammy Athletic Trainer/SSHS Athletic Trainer/SSMS Marcos Garza TBD
Cooey, Emma SPED Aide/Bush SPED Aide/Johnson Position moving 8/10/2023
Crawford, Dara SPED Aide/Bush SPED Aide/Johnson Position moving 8/10/2023
Del Castillo, Alma Math/SSMS Math-Girls Coach/SSHS Ashley Painter/Castro 8/10/2023
Denton, Mandi Resource Math/SSMS SPED Self Contained./SSMS Sean Ditto 8/10/2023
Earheart, Kimberly Behavior Inter./Bowie SPED Teacher/Douglass Yasmin Espinoza 8/10/2023
Funderburk, Christi Grade 7 ELAR/SSMS Grade 6 ELAR/SSMS Karina Perez 8/10/2023
Gant, Tristan Kinder/Bush Kinder/Johnson Meghan Ricker 8/10/2023
Giguere, Bryan SPED Aide/SSMS SPED Aide/SSHS Shelby Polk 8/10/2023
Hill, Harlan Gade 4 Math/ SSES Grade 7 Math/ SSMS Alysia Butler
Jones, Brittney Title 1 Aide/Bowie Kinder/Bowie Britni Johnson 8/10/2023
Kirkpatrick, Ashley SPED Aide/ Bush SPED Aide/ Johnson Position moving 8/10/2023
Moreland, Anna SPED Aide/Bush SPED Aide/Johnson Position moving 8/10/2023
Nottingham, Klarissa SPED Aide/Bush SPED Aide/Bowie Position moving 8/10/2023
Overly, Lexi Grade 4 Math/Science Grade 4 ELAR/SS Joanna Byrd 8/10/2023
Penson, Anne-Michelle Literacy Support/Bush Academic Spec./Bush Stacie Shearer 8/10/2023
Perez, Karina Grade 6 ELAR/SSMS Grade 6 Math/SSMS Vallesha Adams 8/10/2023
Peterson, Briana Kinder/Bowie Grade 4/SSES Lexi Overly 8/10/2023
Pettit, Mackenzie Grade 5 ELAR/SSES ELAR/SSMS Angela McCrary 8/10/2023
Rogers, Laramie SPED Aide/Bush SPED Aide/Johnson Position moving 8/10/2023
Rogers, Terri SPED Aide/Bush SPED Aide/Bowie Position moving 8/10/2023
Schmidt, Jovona Math Support/Bush Literacy Support/Bush Anne-Michelle Penson 8/10/2023
Thompson, Sonya SPED Aide/Bush SPED Aide/Bowie Position moving 8/10/2023
Torres, Dalia Grade 3 Math/Bush Kinder/Bush Tristan Gant 8/10/2023
Walker, Angelica Hope SPED Aide/SSMS ELAR/SSMS Christi Funderburk 8/10/2023
Webb, Mary Lisa Grade 8 ELAR/SSMS English/SSHS Ashley Hall 8/10/2023
Wells, Ashlee Grade 6 World History/SSMS Resource SPED/SSMS Nancy Rodgers 8/10/2023