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A Homesick Cole Swindell In Today’s Nashville Roundup

Photo by Kyle Grantham

Jana Kramer tells that she’s experiencing pregnancy cravings. “I crave cold, so like a cold margarita or a cold vodka. I don’t know why. I don’t even drink vodka! My one craving I can’t have! We went to a concert in Vegas two weeks ago to see Lionel Richie and my husband had a margarita and I was like, ‘Can I just smell it?’ I don’t know why! I’m a red wine girl.”

Luke Combs tells Rolling Stone magazine that he is just a “regular guy.” “I think my cool factor is not having one. I’m not extra cool or extra different. I’m just an honest dude, not trying to be anything other than who I am.”

Cole Swindell tells Billboard magazine that he is homesick and misses his hometown of Bronwood, Georgia. “It’s just a little small town. There’s no Walmart or anything like that. We still have two caution lights. There’s not a lot of people knocking down the door to get in as their destination for vacations … it’s one of those towns that a lot of people grow up living there and die there. I’m glad I got out of there, but I’ve still got family that loves it there. There’s not a lot to do, but people there appreciate hard work and everything they have. I think that upbringing helps me remain grateful for everything that happens. It was a special place for me. I may have to move back there one day.”

Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley tells The Huffington Post that he respects Taylor Swift’s musical journey away from country music. “The thing about Taylor is she’s an artist. Period. Period. Period. And that’s what’s so cool. She’s taking chances, she’s not sounding like anything she’s ever done, she’s not putting out the same record over and over, she’s advancing. It’s a beautiful thing and it’s inspiring a lot of other artists to do the same thing. More props to Taylor, man. It doesn’t matter the genre. If you’re advancing as an artist, people are going to flock to that.”

Chris Young tells Celebrity Cafe that he is a coffee addict. “Obviously, my love of coffee — I think pretty much any musician and pretty much anybody on the planet like coffee — I can’t count how many cups of coffee I’ve drunk writing songs over the years.”

Morgan Evans tells People magazine that he and Kelsea Ballerini have yet to write a song together even though they’re married. “We’ve never written a song together. It’s crazy. We’ve worked on a couple things a little bit, like giving each other advice on sections of my songs or her songs, but we’ve never sat down with a blank page and two guitars. I don’t know. It’s funny. I feel like if we’d written before we’d become romantically involved maybe then it would still work, but there was no time there. It was just ‘all in’ straightaway.”