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Adele Planning A J-Law Bridal Shower In Today’s Hollywood Gossip Report

People magazine claims Stevie Wonder is going to undergo a kidney transplant in the Fall. He said, ”I am going to have a kidney transplant in September of this year. I’m all good, I’m all good, all good. I have a donor and it’s all good. I want you to know, I came here to give you my love and thank you for your love. You ain’t got to hear no rumors, I told you what’s up, I am good.”

The NY Post claims Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez may marry. A source tells the newspaper, “It’s way more serious than date nights — I see them sneaking off to make things official. There won’t be a big ceremony. It will be something to mark their love and everything they’ve gone through to be together.”

Sputnik claims Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife, Mackenzie, is being bombarded with messages from men, who want to date her now that she’s worth $38 billion. Most of the creepy dating proposals are coming on Twitter.

They read.

Miss Mackenzie! Keep Feeling Very Sexy And Desirable Over There Brown Eyes! Sweet Dreams Tonight Luv!!! See Ya In The Morning Hun K!

Now you are the hottest MILF I have ever imagined!!

By the way – if you’ve got a spare $20K floating around fancy giving a single dad an interest-free loan? I’ll pay you back in 12 months. Cheers.

E! News says Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, aka Sansa Stark, recently married Joe Jonas for the second time in France. Her flower embroidered silk wedding gown took more than 350 hours to assemble. At least 10 embroiderers spent time affixing 100,000 crystals and white beads to the dress. Another 48 hours were spent creating Sophie’s veil.

The Sun claims Adele is planning to throw a bachelorette party for Jennifer Lawrence. A source tells the newspaper,  “Adele wanted to organize something for Jennifer and has started sending out invites to the party. It’s all top secret at the moment but guests have slowly been receiving their invitations and it’s looking like it will be a wild affair. Adele wants to keep it a classy affair so any social media and filming are quietly discouraged. There will be some huge stars at the party so it’s important everyone can let their hair down. Jennifer loves to party so anything could happen on the day.”

People magazine claims Katherine Schwarzenegger is ready to have kids with Chris Pratt. A source tells the magazine, ”Katherine feels beyond lucky and fortunate. It’s really such a beautiful relationship. Katherine can’t wait to have a family with Chris. ‘Katherine is still on such a happy high from the wedding and the honeymoon. She still can’t believe that she and Chris are married. When Chris entered her life, he swept her off her feet.”

Fox News claims Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez may be having relationship issues. A source tells the network, ”Friends have seen them argue frequently. There’s a lot of passion in their relationship, which helps and hurts the pair – especially when their personalities clash because you just know a blowup is about to ensue. As much as their friends love seeing Alex and J.Lo together as royalty, there is great fear that the tension between them may prevent them from ever making it down the aisle.”

Meghan Markle’s estranged father, Thomas, tells the Mail on Sunday newspaper that he wishes he could have been present for his grandson’s christening on Saturday. “I have been asked if I would have liked to have gone to Britain to see my new grandson being christened. I was an altar boy at age 12, a confirmed member of the Queen’s church at age 14, and Archie is my new grandson, of course, I would have enjoyed being there for the blessing, wishing Archie and his parents’ health and happiness.”

The Sun claims Meghan Markle wants to adopt a rescue dog for her son. A source tells the newspaper, “Meghan really wants a dog with whom Archie can associate his childhood. Rescue dogs are a huge passion for her so the pull to adopt rather than buy a puppy is far stronger.”

TMZ claims Bill Cosby has lost 33 pounds since entering prison. He’s given up bread, desserts, coffee, sugar and other unhealthy foods. Bill eats fruits and vegetables while doing crunches and cardio exercises.