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Aldean’s Love Of Hunting In Today’s Nashville Roundup

Jason Aldean tells the website The Grandview Outdoors that his favorite thing to do is hunt Whitetail. “Whitetail is my favorite. It always has been. A lot of the guys do the Western-style hunts, which I’ve never really done, so I don’t really do that. I like to turkey hunt in the spring and deer hunt in the fall. When bow season comes in, that’s my favorite early-season bowhunting.”

Jordan Davis tells People magazine that he doesn’t like to shave. “I’ve never been a fresh-shaven guy. But yeah, I started growing it out right after I signed my publishing deal and I don’t know I just really started liking it. Now it’s just taking on this life of its own. I feel like I need to get it its own Instagram account.”

Dierks Bentley tells CMT that he is developing two shows about his 90s cover band ”Hot Country Nights”. “It’s more of a Spinal Tap meets Curb Your Enthusiasm type of situation while another show for Fox is more of a Cheers of Nashville kind of thing. Of course, you remember the show Cheers based out of Boston. This show revolves around a bar in Nashville, and you have this great bar owner, who’s seen it all, been everywhere, and is kind of like a Sally Fields type character.”

Us Weekly claims Blake Shelton may soon propose to Gwen Stefani. A source tells the magazine; “They are going to be announcing their engagement very soon. Blake has always wanted to marry Gwen, but she’s always been extremely cautious because she has three kids to be mindful of.”

A source tells Hollywoodlife.com; “Blake has major plans to propose. Every day he falls more in love with Gwen, everything she does has him falling more and more in love with her. He has been thinking about the perfect ring, the perfect timing, whether or not he will get on one knee and the perfect wording to ask Gwen to spend the rest of her life with him. Blake has been thinking about all of it and is excitedly waiting for the most romantic moment to change their lives forever. Blake and Gwen have definitely discussed marriage and how they would plan their wedding, but the fact that Gwen isn’t pressuring Blake one bit to rush into things only makes him want to marry her that much more. Blake absolutely adores Gwen, and her laid-back attitude on life, which he feels compliments his personality. Blake never intended to fall so hard and so fast for Gwen, but now he can’t imagine his life without her. One of the things that really brought them closer together from the beginning was how they could both relate to going through a rough divorce at the time. They both look at marriage in a completely different light now and it’s not something they take lightly.”

Chris Stapleton tells Nashville Scene that his wife gives him guidance. “My wife — I have to give credit where credit is due — she’s my Jiminy Cricket … it’s always a positive thing for me, on personal and musical levels, when I’m led to do something to just do it whether it seems to make sense to anyone else.”

Scotty McCreery tells CMT that he still has a lot to learn about life. “I went on the biggest show on television, traveled the world with my idols — Brad Paisley and Rascal Flatts — but there are some tough moments like getting robbed at gunpoint. I’m still young and have a lot to figure out in life, but if you’ve learned something, share your knowledge and spread that.”