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An Osbournes Reboot In Today’s Hollywood Gossip Report

Wendy Williams says she has dumped her 27-year-old criminal boyfriend for a doctor in his 50’s. ‘’I’m not on the market anymore. I’m not in love. I don’t know how I’m doing. I’m not in love but there’s somebody that I’m crazy about. It’s not who you think. OK? Mother doesn’t deal with children, but it just so happens that I guess with my charm and wit I attract people of all ages. ’27-year-old boys, quite frankly, find me attractive. I get it, but when it comes time for the comfort of a man I need someone in his 50s, too, and he’s gotta work. It helps that he’s a doctor. He’s been married. He’s from LA. He came to New York. He had never been to New York before. Skyscrapers and everything. I’m a hand holder. If we go out I’m holding your hand.”

New Idea magazine claims Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s son, Maddox, is allegedly seeking legal guardianship of his brothers and sisters. A source tells the Australian magazine, “He knows it’s a big step and there are a few legal hurdles to overcome, but he’s seen the effect that Brad and Ange’s custody battle has had on the kids and he thinks this is the best way to protect them. Brad and Ange’s constant rowing doesn’t look like stopping and Maddox is sick of it. But more than that, he’s worried about it taking more of a toll on his siblings. Maddox knows it’s a huge step, but he feels like he’s had to grow up so much since the split that he really thinks he can handle it.”

The Sun claims Barbra Streisand recently flew her three puppies from Los Angeles to London to see her perform. Miss Scarlett, Miss Violet, and Fanny traveled 10,000 miles in custom dog buggies. The dogs made a brief appearance on stage.

A source tells the newspaper, “There was no expense spared for her three beloved pets in the backstage area. They had free roam of her dressing room and a dedicated member of staff to push them in the buggy or walk them around at their free will. Barbra adores them all and would never travel without them, fans were even queuing up for selfies with them.”

Michelle Obama tells CBS that the Secret Service was present when her daughters, Sasha and Malia, had their first kisses in the White House. “My kids had armed guards with them at all times. Imagine trying to have your first kiss [around] a bunch of men [with guns] and earpieces.”

Fred Savage tells the NY Post that he will not be starring in any reboots of ”The Wonder Years.” “People ask me [about a reunion] all the time and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation that people, all these years later, are not only talking about the show — that it not only still means something to people and they’re sharing it with the next generation — but that they still want to see more and new stuff. I would say that one of the things that makes ‘The Wonder Years’ special was that time in your life it refers to, which is something you really can’t go back to. You can’t revisit that. I love all the reboots and revisitation and reimaginings of all these shows, but I don’t think it works, conceptually, for ‘The Wonder Years.”’

Celebs Now claim Piers Morgan recently ripped Meghan Markle for behaving like a Kardashian. He said, ”I feel very sorry for Thomas Markle. I had a bad experience with Meghan Markle, I’ve talked about it a lot. I just think she’s a, I’m afraid, she’s a bit of work, drops people as soon she gets someone more important in her life and it’s just my experience. The way she treats her family’ is ‘not a good look’. That’s the behavior of a Kardashian, not somebody who married into the Royal family so they’ve got to be careful.”

Radar Online claims Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk are getting along well following their breakup. A source tells the website, “They’re both like changed people since they broke up. They’re being nicer to each other without the pressure of the romance. Bradley and Irina are not fighting at all; they’re getting along really well.”

Kelly Osbourne tells The Mirror newspaper that The Osbournes may get rebooted. ‘’I do [think it will come back. I know they’re just trying to figure out dates when we’re all going to be in the same place so we can do it. That honestly is the hardest part about it. We didn’t know what we were doing and we had a real laugh and it was fun. ‘It wouldn’t come back the way that it was. We’ve been in talks over several years to do some sort of catch up to see where we are now and what’s changed in our lives and do a small, limited series.’’

The National Enquirer claims Jennifer Lopez’s steamy scenes in her upcoming movie “Hustlers” are making Alex Rodriguez uncomfortable. A source tells the magazine, “Alex knew she was going to play a stripper, but after seeing her pole dancing and barely-there outfits, he’s freaking out over all the men who will be leering at his woman. He’s made it clear that once they’re married, he’d much prefer J.Lo turn down these kinds of roles. Jen wants him to butt out – or else!”