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Blake On Miranda’s New Song In Today’s Nashville Roundup

Celebrity Insider and Hollywoodlife.com claim Blake Shelton does not think Miranda Lambert’s new song ‘Got My Name Changed Back’ is an attack on him. A source tells the news outlets; ”Blake has listened to ‘Got My Name Changed Back’ and he actually likes it, he thinks it’s really catchy and a good old-fashioned country tune. Blake does not see the song as a personal attack at all, because he knows what went down between himself and Miranda and his conscience is clear Blake understands that people are always going to try and read things into lyrics, but their relationship is so far in the past — at least for him, that it is laughable really.”

Another source tells Hollywoodlife.com; “Gwen is not concerned whatsoever if Miranda’s new song is, or is not, about Blake. Gwen knows that Blake has so far moved on from the relationship with Miranda, and isn’t threatened one bit. It’s been several years since they broke up, and Gwen understands what it’s like to move on after a divorce. Gwen never played the scorned ex-lover, and hopes that Miranda’s not trying to play that card either.”

Nicole Kidman tells Entertainment Tonight that she was almost late to the premiere of her new movie ”Boy Erased” because she got a flat tire while driving Keith Urban’s car. “I got to this premiere, but I had a flat tire. We hit a pothole, but we made it! We drove on the flat tire for 10 minutes to get here. I have not told him. I will be telling him. Anyway, I wrecked the rim. I wish I could say I knew how to change a tire. I can’t cook. I can’t change a tire.”

Maren Morris tells Billboard magazine that fashion accessories are her passion.“My passion has always been accessories. I love big hoop earrings, statement necklaces, stacking rings and bangles, lariats if I’m wearing something deep-plunging. I think jewelry is the statement if I’m putting an outfit together myself, because that’s where my strength is accessories, not so much the clothes.”

Eric Church tells Billboard magazine that early in his career he felt ignored in the country music world. “For a long time, I felt ignored. But it was good for me because it got me angry. There was a lot of doubt, and that doubt really drove me. I think it still does, to some extent.”