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Blake’s New Album In Today’s Nashville Roundup

Country Fancast claims Blake Shelton is going to release a new CD on December 13th titled ”Fully Loaded: God’s Country”.  He tells the website, “Well, I knew the label would come up with some plan to release an album. I’ve been vocal about how much I like this new way of releasing songs more frequently. It keeps me excited and gives me the opportunity to find the hot new song that I love and get it out to the fans quickly. I think they like it too. With five new songs on this album, you’ve got “God’s Country,’ ‘Hell Right’ and a few more that haven’t come out yet – maybe I wasn’t supposed to say that. But the fans will hear most of the music on Fully Loaded before it hits the streets in December.”

Russell Dickerson tells US Weekly that he’s been a fan of Usher for a long time. “I’ve been a huge fan since 5th grade and he’s transcended generations now and is a legend!”

Matt Stell tells Vox magazine that he should have TWO master’s degrees with the crazy amount of time he spent in school. “I actually started my master’s at Drury, but I started taking classes toward a proposed master’s study program. It wasn’t approved, so I transferred to Arkansas. What would have been a 30-something-hour degree, I ended up having 57 for. So I have plenty of school. I should have two master’s degrees. I should just find someone that’ll give me another master’s. You know how some people who make it really big in music get honorary degrees? That’s what I’m hoping for now. I thought about going back to school, but fortunately, I’m staying real busy with music.”

Chris Janson tells CMT that he has no reservations about being as honest as possible in his songs. “People sometimes have a hard time talking about personal things to others. I don’t. I’m actually the opposite. I would rather tell you about my personal life in a song and the things I enjoy because they get me excited. I have a hard time writing anything that’s not real. If you know me on a personal level, you know that these things are the real deal. It’s easy to stack songs like that. I write songs like a full-time 9-5 staff songwriter every chance I get. I write a lot by myself and I write a lot with my friends. It all starts with a song.”

Brantley Gilbert tells Billboard magazine that the things he remembers most about the cities he tours are the faces. “People ask me all the time what it’s like to travel the world and the country. I tell them that I have no idea. I fall asleep in one place and wake up in another. What you do experience – in every state and every country I’ve been in – is the people. The ones who relate to these songs are more alike in a lot of ways than not. I do think that country people are country people. It’s a lifestyle, it’s a culture. It’s about hard work, and being outside the lines.”

Cole Swindell tells that his first TV appearance was almost his last. “My first live TV appearance I played was on David Letterman. I remember it was maybe three minutes before I was supposed to go on and I had my earbuds and I reach back and I did not have my pack, I left it up in my dressing room. My manager had to run up, and you think it would be fast, but the elevators are slow and old and freezing, that’s how Letterman liked it, and so she’s going up the elevator and I’m just kind of freaking out, of course, trying to play it calm, I’m waiting behind the curtain and she gets back with my pack, I plug it in, and I bet I didn’t count to ten until somebody just pushed me out there and it’s like out of a movie. I’m like okay, you got to do it, you don’t have a choice when it’s live TV like that and you’re recorded and you’re given one shot at it. I was pretty nervous but now going into it, it’s like anything else. I don’t think you can really prepare for that moment other than having been there before.”