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Brad And Jen Part 2? It’s Today’s Hollywood Gossip Report

Entertainment Tonight says John Travolta mistook a drag queen for Taylor Swift at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards. Taylor’s video for “You Need To Calm Down” won for Video of the Year. Drag queen Jade Jolie plays Swift in the video and dressed like her for the VMAs. Travolta gave the Moon Person Award to Jolie instead of Swift.

Entertainment Weekly claims Eva Longoria is going to direct a new movie called ”Flamin’ Hot.” It’s about Richard Montanez, the man who invented Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Richard was working as a janitor at Frito-Lay when he developed the idea for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Forbes Magazine is out with their list of the highest-earning women in music 

10. Shakira … $35 million

9. Celine Dion … $37.5 million

8. Lady Gaga … $39.5 million

7. Jennifer Lopez … $43 million

6. Ariana Grande … $48 million

5. P!nk … $57 million

4. Katy Perry … $57.5 million

3. Rihanna … $62 million

2. Beyoncé … $81 million

1. Taylor Swift … $185 million

Jennifer Lopez tells E! News that Alex Rodriguez gave her advice about strip clubs before she filmed her role as an exotic dancer in her new movie ”Hustlers.”’ ”When [he asked], ‘What’s your next movie about?’ and I was telling him, he was like, ‘Oh, I know a lot about strip clubs. I can help you’. He actually did start telling me, because, you know, sports players, a lot of them, spend a lot of time in strip clubs. He told me how it all works, like how the guys come in the back door. All that stuff in the movie with the back door and stuff was information that I gave them, so that was amazing.”

OK! magazine says Brad and Angelina’s son, Maddox, started college yesterday in South Korea. He is majoring in biotechnology. Hee Yong traveled two hours from another college just to meet Maddox. He tells the magazine,  “I want to hang out with him. I want to be a Hollywood star. It’s my dream, it’s a dream come true.”

New Idea magazine claims Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston allegedly went on vacation together to Cabo San Lucas. A source tells the magazine, “Jen is always in the mood for Mexico, it’s her favorite place, so she was more than happy to meet Brad there. Brad and Jen had an amazing getaway in Mexico and it really brought back lots of special memories. They had couples’ massages, spent long days in the sun and long nights drinking wine and enjoying each other. They both said they had an amazing week and we’re so happy.”

Kris Jenner tells the video series As It Lays that she has a bunker stocked with supplies in case of an earthquake. “I am like a Girl Scout. I am the most earthquake-ready person you would ever meet. I have fire extinguishers and backpacks full of supplies. I have flashlights and water. I practically have a bunker. I ’m a bulk girl for sure and my favorite store is Costco.”

The Daily Mail claims Mama June’s neighbors are upset because she recently left a giant dumpster on her front lawn with huge piles of trash. Neighbors have been complaining that the dumpster has become an eyesore after remaining on the property for more than a week. Mama June also has an unsightly window containing an oversized air conditioning unit and another window that is boarded up.

Business Insider says Mark Wahlberg recently posted a picture of himself with no shirt on. He was ripped and sporting a six-pack. Tom Brady saw the picture and replied, “We are looking for some skill players.”

The NY Post says Jeopardy champ James Holzhauer is hinting he lost on purpose so he could leave the game show. He tweeted, “I hope to be as brave as Andrew Luck one day. Imagine reaching the pinnacle of the only job you’ve ever trained for, finding no joy in it and having the guts to do the right thing for yourself even though millions of fans will hate you for it.”

CNET claims a Steve Jobs look-a-like was recently spotted in Egypt. A photo of the Apple co-founder’s doppelganger recently began circulating online. Some people are convinced that Jobs is secretly alive and in hiding. Jobs passed away in 2011. The look-a-like in the picture is barefoot like Jobs often was.

The Daily Mail claims a man, dressed as Pennywise the clown from the movie “IT,” recently scared passengers on a New York subway train. Magician Alejandro Torres dressed as Pennywise before walking through the train cars while holding a red balloon. He kept saying, “We all float down here.” Many of the New Yorkers ignored him.