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Brad Paisley’s Advice to Chris Young in Today’s Nashville Roundup


Morgan Wallen tells the website On Milwaukee that he likes to watch and play sports. “To play a sport right now, golf. To watch, I’d probably go with basketball. My favorite sports team is the Tennessee Volunteers and my favorite player is Tom Brady.

Chris Young tells the Charlotte Observer that Brad Paisley gave him the best career advice. “Brad said; ‘Dude, whatever you do, if a crowd wants to do something, let ’em do it.’ And that sounds very basic, but … you ever seen somebody try to get a crowd to clap along with a song, and they do it for about five seconds, and then they stop? It’s like, no, don’t try to force them to do something you want them to do. If everybody obviously wants to sing this one line of this song, stick the mic out there and let ’em sing it. If everybody wants to wave their hands left to right on this one song, just let ’em do it.”

Luke Combs tells Rolling Stone magazine that becoming a member of the Grand Ole Opry is the highlight of his life. “To me, it’s the pinnacle of achievement in the genre. The sold-out shows are unbelievable and the Number One songs are unbelievable, but this is Number One career stuff — this and getting engaged are one and two.”

Carrie Underwood tells Pop Culture Country that touring with children is challenging. “I must be a duck, calm on the surface and paddling like crazy underneath. It’s definitely a different ballgame because [Jacob’s] so much younger than Isaiah was when I took him on the road. There’s a huge difference between four months and 11 months. I wasn’t feeding Isaiah in the middle of the night. It’s like he knows when I have a really busy morning or a ton of stuff to do the next day, because that’s the night that he’s going to be up like four or five times. Like last night.”

In Touch Weekly Magazine claims Miranda Lambert’s husband, Brendan McLoughlin, wants to be a star. A source tells the magazine, “Brendan loves all the attention. He’s had a desire to be famous since high school. He always dabbled in modeling and has had brushes with fame before. This is his chance to be famous, for sure. Imagine how excited he is to be walking the red carpet with one of the biggest artists in the country!”

Life & Style Weekly Magazine claims Nicole Kidman allegedly keeps tabs on Keith Urban. A source tells the website, “Nicole makes no excuses about keeping tabs on him. And with all the stories about his flirty nature, who can blame her? She doesn’t see it as overbearing. She just thinks of it as protecting her marriage.”