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Brett And Blake’s Friendship In Today’s Nashville Roundup

Thomas Rhett tells the Toronto Sun that he may go back and get his degree from Lipscomb University in Nashville. ”I realized that me and math were never going to work out. I dropped out with 20 hours left of school. It broke my mom’s heart. But she was like, ‘I will let you drop out if you will make an A on all of your final exams.’ And I made an A on all my final exams.”

Eli Young Band’s James Young tells that the band members draw strength from their long-term friendship. “I think it comes from us four being friends starting in college — we have that support system. The music business can be full of ups and downs and what not, but we have the four of us to bounce off of and pick each other up on the road. We still have fun and we’re still here for each other.”

Morgan Wallen tells The Reflector that his father was his biggest musical influence. “My dad listened to classic rock like Led Zeppelin all the time, and I grew up listening and loving it. I grew up listening to Bad Company. My mom listened to a lot of Christian contemporary too, but I don’t know if you’d call that an influence. When you come to my show, you can really hear the classic rock influence in my songs.”

Justin Moore is going to perform during the National Memorial Day Concert in Washington DC on May 26th. His performance will be shown on PBS.

Brett Eldredge tells Songwriters Universe that he has a special friendship with Blake Shelton. “Blake is such an incredible person…he’s a great guy. I opened one of my first major shows for him at the Ryman Auditorium when he first came out in a big way. He was so cool to me back then, in 2007 probably.”

Brett Young tells Cowboys and Indians magazine that he loved baseball and his guitar growing up. “Beginning in junior high, seventh grade, I transferred to a Christian school and it was the thing to do. It was as popular to learn and play guitar as it was to play sports. My grandma’s new husband at the time gave me an old beat-up learner guitar, and I started playing. A couple of years later, when I was a sophomore in high school, one of the guys on the baseball team who led worship every Monday morning said he needed me to learn six songs and come up and play with him.”

Luke Combs tells People magazine that planning his wedding to Nicole Hocking has been overwhelming. “We’re just crazy busy. Especially this year. We just haven’t had any time to sit back and be home for more than three or four days. Everything that you do is scrutinized or put in the public light, so it can be like: How do we do this? I don’t like the word ‘celebrity wedding,’ but how do you get a venue?”