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Brett Eldredge Talks Edgar The Dog In Today’s Nashville Insider


Life & Style Weekly Magazine claims Blake Shelton is reveling in the drama surrounding Miranda Lambert and her married boyfriend, Evan Felker. A source tells the magazine; “Blake is reveling in Miranda’s humiliation now that she’s been accused of having an affair with a married man because he believes she cheated on him. Blake believes some things never change including what he sees as Miranda’s twisted relationship antics. “Blake was always made out to be the bad guy after he filed for divorce and sent Miranda packing from Oklahoma. Blake believes that if she’s embarrassed now over allegations that she ran off with another woman’s man, “it’s sweet justice.”

Brett Eldredge tells The Blade newspaper that his dog Edgar has over 200,000 Instagram followers. “If you know the love of a dog, there’s nothing more special than that kind of love. That’s why everyone connects with Edgar. He makes my life better. I hope he makes their lives better too. He’s just a goofball, kind of like me.”

Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard tells People magazine that he has been drinking less since his daughter was born. “I’m drinking less! I don’t know what’s happening. I feel like I’m not a partier anymore, but it’s okay. In our 20s, we could drink half a bottle of whiskey and wake up fine, but nowadays it doesn’t work like that anymore. I like to try and feel good.”

Bebe Rexha tells Yahoo that she once auditioned for American Idol, but got rejected. She says she kept writing, recording and fighting. “Funny thing is, I auditioned for American Idol, but I didn’t make it. So, for all you out there, you just never know!”

Brett Young tells CMT that his fiance Taylor has convinced him to sing at their wedding. “I didn’t want to,” he said about whether or not he’d be doing any singing on the big day. “But I recently got the feeling that she wants me to do at least one song. I think it will be really cheesy to do one of mine. So I’m trying to figure out what the cool, subtle thing to do is so that she gets the moment she’s looking for. And I don’t feel like I totally sold out on my wedding day.”

Taylor Swift is using a custom designed rocket sled on her tour. It transports her under her stage from one location to another. Taylor uses the sled following costume changes.

WTHI claims Kelly Clarkson recently announced that she would be performing a free concert at the Air Force Academy in June. Colorado State Trooper Josh Lewis tweeted a picture of himself kissing a tablet photo of Kelly. He captioned the funny picture with: “One free ‘get out of jail’ card to whoever gets me backstage to meet her!”

Kelly tweeted; “Okay, somebody has got to get this man a pass…he deserves it!”