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Brett Young On His Musical Hero In Today’s Nashville Insider


Keith Urban recently gifted Julia Michaels with a new piano. It was his way of saying thank you for recording “Coming Home.”

Jake Owen tells People Magazine that he isn’t a meathead just because he likes to work out. “I’m not one of these dudes that is vain about wanting to look a certain way. I just feel better when I go to the gym every day and get some cardio in. If I have any sort of aggression on my mind, it comes out. It’s not like I’m a meathead, I just like feeling good.”

Brett Young tells Variety magazine that he owes his career to his idol, Gavin DeGraw. “I met him at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles when he was out with Avril Lavigne; I just walked up to him and introduced myself. Then later that night, I was at Mel’s on Sunset, at 3 in the morning, and he had just had a late-night bite. I was about to make my first EP, and I told him, It’s all your fault I didn’t finish college and I’m making a record because I heard Chariot, and now I have to be a musician and I blame you. He ended up standing there at Mel’s for 20 minutes, giving me advice about what to do and what to spend money on if I’m making a budget record. It’s really cool to have your idol become a good friend.”

Gwen Stefani tells InStyle magazine that she changed to a more feminine style because of Blake Shelton. ”It’s probably because I’m super in love and have a really manly man. I enjoy letting that part of me come out now because when I was in No Doubt, I never thought of myself as sexy. Even in my 30s, I was a tomboy. I hardly ever carried a purse.”

Kenny Chesney tells GQ that he struggles with dieting. “I load up on carbs early. I don’t eat any after 5:00, whether on or off the road. I’m an emotional eater. We all are. I was brought up not eating this way. And when you have that kind of focus on your diet, there’s no social life. Your friends, your girlfriend, everybody wants to go out and have drinks. But when you’re on this kind of specific diet, you look kind of weird when you go to a restaurant and bring your dinner with you, because it has to be measured. Even if you order something really healthy, nine times out of ten it’s full of salt, and stuff you would not make at your house. And I don’t want to ask the waiter if everything’s made of coconut oil. That’s weird.”

Ace Showbiz claims Kelly Clarkson is going to voice a cartoon character in the new animated film Ugly Dolls. She will play the lead character Moxy. The movie is based on the plush doll toy line and will follow the characters as they struggle to fit in in society.