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Carrie Rehearses For AMA’s In Today’s Nashville Roundup

Pictures of Carrie Underwood rehearsing for tonight’s American Music Awards were posted on the Internet yesterday. Her husband, Mike Fisher, made fun of her denim shirt by tweeting: ”Love the Canadian tuxedo babe!!”

Life & Style Weekly Magazine claims Miranda Lambert has been partying hard to get over her breakup with Evan Felker.

A source tells the magazine; “Miranda is anything but happily single. She’s been partying to hide her sadness and loneliness. And the split from Evan, who she was considering marrying and starting a family with, is only part of the reason behind her unhappy state. It’s gotten so bad that loved ones are afraid she’s spiraling. They’re worried her drinking is out of control and that she’s just numbing the pain of another failed relationship. Friends and family have been so concerned that they’ve been considering an intervention. Miranda’s hard-partying went into overdrive toward the end of her [summer] Bandwagon tour, around the time of her breakup with Evan. Ever since then, she’s been on an alcohol tear to deal with the heartbreak. Miranda has also been throwing down whiskey and wine from her own Red 55 winery like mad to cope with her forlorn state.”

Woman’s Day magazine claims Keith Urban allegedly dislikes Russell Crowe’s affection for Nicole Kidman. During a recent interview, Russell allegedly said, “I waited a long time to be married to Nicole.” They play a married couple in a movie called “Boy Erased.”

A source tells the Australian magazine; “Keith is feeling uneasy about seeing another man drooling over his wife. Keith’s a mellow, patient guy and he’s happy for Nic and Russell to be friends, but some of the comments Russell’s been making have been way over the top. In Keith’s mind, there’s a line that can be crossed and he’d appreciate it if Russell toned things down a notch or two. Keith’s “got a protective streak and wants him to cool it with the public declarations of love.”

Kane Brown tells Songwriters Universe that Lauren Alaina is the reason he’s a country singer. “We were in choir together in seventh grade. It was middle school, and you didn’t have to sing…it was just a class. I was always shy, and I just hummed. She actually heard me one day, and she was like, ‘Why don’t you sing louder?’ She wouldn’t let me leave the class until I sang, and the teacher came over there. Lauren was so outgoing, and she really convinced me to sing.”

Russell Dickerson tells the website Cowboys And Indians that he loved touring with Lady Antebellum. “Lady Antebellum, man, they just have this family vibe about them. I mean obviously, they all have kids and they just welcomed us straight into this family environment that they’ve created and it’s so fun to be a part of that.”

Maren Morris tells the website Her Campus that she can’t believe Elton John and John Mayer call her. “Every time I feel settled and like it’s finally sunk in, something else crazy happens to me, and it just brings all of that excitement back…Sometimes Elton John will call me or, like, John Mayer will start following me on Twitter or some crazy thing like that. It just makes me feel like, wow, I mean, this is real. This is my life, and it’s not someone else’s. It’s actually happening to me. So I try not to take any of that for granted or let it get normal because it’s not.”