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Carrie’s Cry Sessions in Today’s Nashville Roundup


Carrie Underwood tells People magazine that she schedules crying sessions.”Sometimes I feel like I just need to cry, for no reason, and there’s not anything that happened. I’ve learned to be OK with that, whereas five or 10 years ago I would have been like, ‘Oh my God, something’s wrong with me!’ I called my mom and said ‘I need to schedule myself a cry, is that weird?”’

Masslive.com claims Luke Bryan was recently performing at Gillette Stadium when former Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski joined him on stage. Luke threw a football that sailed over Rob’s head. He then completed a pass as the crowd went wild.

Thomas Rhett tells News Channel Nebraska that he misses the days when he could sleep. “College made me love sleep and then when I had kids it was kind of a huge shock going from waking up at 10 o’ clock in the morning to, like, getting up multiple times in the night and then realizing that you can survive on that the next day and you can go to work and you can still sing songs.”

Billboard magazine claims Maren Morris, Miranda Lambert, Cassadee Pope, Lauren Alaina and the members of Pistol Annies covered U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” during a concert in Chicago on Friday.

Blake Shelton tells Entertainment Tonight that it’s going to be hard to do “The Voice” without Adam Levine. “I can’t imagine, honestly, what the show is gonna feel like at first without Adam there. I mean, we’re about to start filming the 17th season of the show, and Adam has been my frenemy from day one, you know, down there on the end. I think we all knew, on the inside of the show, that he was ready to make a move. For a guy like Adam, who is just — he’s the most ADD person I think I’ve met — for him to have even done it as long as he did without wanting to move on to the next thing, is amazing. But I know he’s happy with his decision. Doesn’t mean I am, or any of us [are happy], but at least they were able to soften the blow a little bit and bring Gwen [Stefani] back.”

Blake Shelton tells Entertainment Tonight that Gwen Stefani is his biggest cheerleader. “She’s never not been supportive or a cheerleader, just the most encouraging person I’ve ever had in my life, on any level. It’s unbelievable how supportive she is. I tell her this all the time, and she doesn’t realize it, but Gwen’s one of these people that I learn so much from, because no matter what the situation is, she has a way of looking at something from every angle possible, and understanding if there’s turmoil or something going on, instead of just jumping to conclusions or reacting, it’s, ‘Well, here’s why they may feel that way.’ I’ve learned a lot from her — to not be so reactive as I used to be. She’s definitely helped to calm me down, for sure.”

Lee Brice tells Enid News that he listens to everyone from Garth Brooks to Bruno Mars. “The biggest influence on me was Garth Brooks. I just loved his music, his songs, his demeanor on stage … I listen to every genre. Basically anything that speaks to me. One person I really like is Bruno Mars. I’m a big fan of him. You know, being able to pay homage to the classics and infusing it with a modern sound.”