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Carrie’s Husband Retires…Again In Today’s Nashville Insider

Thomas Rhett’s wife Lauren celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday by posting a picture of her hugging her adopted daughter, Willa Gray. She captioned the photo with: ”Our sweet Ugandan sunshine came home to America a year ago today. This pic was us in Uganda in the thick of our adoption, trying to bring our baby home. Cannot imagine a life without my baby girl who made me a mama. I wish I could still swaddle you and hold you just like this. So thankful that Jesus gave me you, Willa Gray. Being your mama will forever be the greatest thing I ever get to do. I love you to the moon and stars cutie pie”

Bleacher Report claims Carrie Underwood’s husband, Mike Fisher, has retired again and will no longer play NHL hockey for the Nashville Predators. The website quotes him as saying; “I’ve milked this cow as long as it’ll go. It’s bone dry. You don’t want to be cleaning out your locker in May, there’s no question. I had a great three months or whatever it was. I enjoyed every minute of it. I enjoyed coming to work with these guys. It was a great group of people, from the players to the whole organization and staff. I’m glad I came back. It was awesome. Obviously disappointing, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. I know this team. They’ll learn and grow and be better. There’s a lot to look forward to.”

Sounds Like Nashville claims Carrie Underwood recently posted a video of her son, Isaiah, shaving his dad, Mike Fisher. Mike plays for the Nashville Predators hockey team and was getting rid of his playoff beard. 

Jason Aldean tells Pop Culture Country that his wife Brittany is a great mother. “She’s great. She’s one of those people that have never really been around kids a ton, especially babies, and stuff. Her sister has two daughters, but she didn’t really live close to them while they were little. She’s just never really been around babies a ton, and she’s one of those that was worried, [if she was] going to be a good mom. Now I see her with him, and how good she is with him, it’s pretty cool. She’s actually great, a great mom, and her favorite thing is bath time. She’d give him five baths a day, just because she likes to see him in the tub. He likes getting baths anyway. You notice a lot of her pictures are him in the tub or getting out of the tub, or whatever. That’s their little special part of the day, is bath time. She’s actually doing great. She’s really good with him.”

Sam Hunt tells Yahoo Entertainment that he has no idea where his career is going to take him. “I’ve grown up a little bit since my first record, and I feel my first record was inspired by an era of my life that really left with something to say and something to sing about. And at this point … I’ve gotten into some other things outside of music that I really enjoy. Just other interests of mine that have nothing to do with music. I don’t know where my career will go from here, but my sole focus hasn’t been on making music all the time like it was in my 20s. I’m not writing as many songs. My interests have changed.”

Dustin Lynch tells People magazine that he is a Justin Timberlake fan. ”I just saw Justin Timberlake live a couple nights ago and it was unbelievable and in the top three shows, I’ve ever seen in my life. He can do no wrong. He’s so talented. [Chris] Stapleton also came out and sang “Say Something” and “Tennessee Whiskey.”

The Knoxville News claims Kelsea Ballerini recently crashed Bearden High School’s prom in Knoxville. Ballerini is a Knoxville, Tennessee native.