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Carrie’s Mother-Daughter Duet In Today’s Nashville Roundup

The NY Daily News says Chris Lane and Bachelor star Lauren Bushnell married on Friday in Nashville in a secret garden ceremony. Around 160 people attended the wedding. A Shake Shack food truck served late-night snacks to guests.

The Tulsa World claims Carrie Underwood was recently performing in Tulsa, Oklahoma when her mother, Carol, joined her on stage to sing “The Champion.”

Before Carrie’s mother took the stage, Carrie told fans that she was going to be joined by a special teacher of 25 years. “I’m not reading any of this off the teleprompter. How do I know all of this stuff about this woman? Because this is my mama. She is a champion. She has never sung in front of a ton of people like this before so when she gets on this stage, you guys better give her all your love and all the support.”

Carrie’s mom filled in for Ludacris and rapped his part of the song. After the song, Carrie’s mother took a selfie of them.

Luke Bryan tells that his wife, Caroline, is picking his Halloween costume this year. “My tradition for Halloween is Caroline picks the outfit. I never know what I’m wearing… One year I dressed up as the old lady, and she dressed up as she called herself a dirty old man. So, she went around acting like an old man saying snide comments to everybody. That was a fun one. The main thing is Caroline, she loves Halloween and always has.”

Blake Shelton recently expressed his feelings about his relationship with Gwen Stefani during an interview with Martina McBride. He said, “Who would have ever thought? If you thought the People magazine cover was shocking, mine and Gwen’s relationship is probably the biggest head-scratcher. Every year for our anniversary I get her a number. She has this charm bracelet and I get her a number of what anniversary it is.” This year, it was a charm in the shape of the number 4. “I said, ‘Wait a minute, did I skip something? Is this right? Holy crap, 4 years! What the hell!’ She’s the most normal, unassuming, catholic girl from Anaheim, completely keeps to herself,”

People magazine says Nicole Kidman gave Keith Urban roses and wrapped presents for his 52nd birthday. Keith would not say what was in the wrapped boxes.

Jason Aldean tells Pop Culture Country that his one-year-old son Memphis knows he’s famous. “He’s getting to the point now where if he hears one of my songs come on, he knows. He knows Dada sing. That’s what he says. He’s starting to put it together. In his room we have pictures. There’s one of me and Luke [Bryan]’s got one in there. We have these pictures of people blown up and I had everybody sign them to him, and so they’re hanging behind his crib. He’s gotten to the point, he sees me at home and then he seems me with the hat and everything and he’ll be like, ‘Dada, dada too.’ He hasn’t quite figured it out, but he knows that I’m both of those guys.”