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Cat People Vs. Dog People

New research from Rover reveals how cat people and dog people relate to their pets. For instance: cat people are 16% more likely than dog people to admit they are bothered when their pet cuddles with other people: 37% of dog people are not sad when their dogs cuddle with other people and actually are happy that their dogs like other people, while 38% of cat people are sad when their cats cuddle with other people and want all their pets’ affection for themselves. Of pet owners with both cats and dogs, 44% are just “somewhat bummed out” when their pets cuddle with other people. Other findings:

  • 52% of cat people prefer to spend time with their cats versus other people, and 43% of dog people prefer to spend time with their dogs over other people.
  • For both, their pets occupy a familial role in pet parents’ lives, affecting everything from furniture selection (35% of respondents) to purchasing a car (29%) to renting a home or apartment (26%).
  • 70% of cat people and 63% of dog people say they make up new songs or sing to their pet at least sometimes
  • 69% of dog owners and 67% of cat owners say they admit they say hello to their pet before their family when they get home
  • 84% of all respondents say that as much as half the photos on their phone are of their pets
  • 61% of all respondents say their pets are spoiled and always take over the couch or bed
  • 70% say they have one to five nicknames for their pet
  • 66% of cat owners and 55% of dog owners report owning a lint roller
  • 35% of all respondents say their pet affects their furniture selection
  • 29% say their pet affects the cat they purchase
  • 26% say their pet affects the home or apartment they rent or buy