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Chris Janson’s “Big Brother” In Today’s Nashville Roundup

Old Dominion lead singer Matthew Ramsey tells People magazine where the idea for ‘One Man Band’ came from. “I got the idea on the bus one night when I heard somebody say ‘one-man band.’ I thought, ‘That’s a cool title.’ I told Brad, like, ‘Hey, we should write ‘One Man Band.’ And he was like, ‘What do you mean?’ So I said, ‘Like a love song … I don’t want to be a one-man-band, I don’t want to be alone.’ We were supposed to be walking onto the stage our intro music was playing and everything but we were just huddled around our phones singing ‘I don’t want to be a one-man-band’ onto our phones so that we wouldn’t forget it by the time that we were done playing the show.”

Sam Hunt tells The Press-Enterprise that he’s a big fan of mixing country music with other genres. “I’ve always been an advocate of blending what would be considered traditional genres and finding ways to collaborate with artists who are outside of the genre. I think more than ever people are listening to everything because we all have access to all the music that’s available out there, so I think our tastes have broadened. It’s a natural progression to have artists collaborate the way they are now.”

Tim McGraw tells NBC that his life changed when he found out his father was professional baseball player Tug McGraw. “I felt like when I found that out he’s a professional baseball player who’s successful, to me, it made me think that blood is in my veins, so that ability is in there. So I found sort of that grit inside me that he must have had in order to succeed at what he did. And it changed what I thought I could make out of my life.”

Miranda Lambert tells the NY Times that she was never much of a student. “I’d already begun working on this plan of ‘How do I stop myself from entering college?’ I had a lot of trouble in school. In terms of grades, I did not fail, but I barely passed. I was you know like the typical goody-two-shoes, and very very boring. I was a nice kid. Even my parents were like, ‘You’re not a lot of fun.’ Then after a stage, I decided to change all of this, and I started to do a bit of work in a bar at 17, and that gave me an entirely new world outside of my Bible Belt town.”

Closer Weekly Magazine claims Reba McEntire and Skeeter Lasuzzo have broken up after two years of dating. A source tells the magazine, “Her busy schedule and Skeeter’s way of life — he’s retired — just didn’t mesh very well.”

Chris Janson says Blake Shelton is like his big brother. “He’s one of my best buddies in the business. He’s one of my best friends. Kind of like a brother I never had kind of figure. Have you ever gotten hugged by a ten-foot bear? That’s what it feels like. For whatever freaking reason every time he sees me – and I always try to fight it, I’m like ‘no’ – but he always tries to kiss me. He’s funny like that. He’s just a fun-loving person. He’s got a great heart.”