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Coming Soon: The Chris Young Cafe In Today’s Nashville Roundup

Maren Morris tells GQ magazine that she doesn’t understand why people think she is rebellious. “I kind of look back at the history of the women I’ve looked up to in country music and I think to myself, like, is what I’m doing that rebellious? Because I look at Shania Twain, and how she would play with sounds and genres, and they were huge. And what she would wear on stage. I mean, she was vilified even then for looking “too pop.” But that was like 20 years ago. The adage is always, “Oh it used to be so wholesome.” I’m like, have you seen what Dolly used to wear? … And then I think about the Dixie Chicks, and “Goodbye Earl”, where they killed a guy in a song, but it was funny … things like that, those were really pushing the envelope.”

The Chris Young Cafe is set to open at Middle Tennessee State University. The cafe will have two stages for aspiring musicians and technicians. Young attended the university in 2005.

Thomas Rhett tells The Sun that he would like to do more acting. “I’ve made a couple of cameos on TV shows, but one of these days I think it would be cool to give it a shot in something super small for sure, just to see what that life is like. I think it would be a blast to CO-act in a TV show. I’m a fan of or even do a talent show like Luke Bryan on American Idol or Blake Shelton on The Voice. We’ll see what the future holds.”

Lee Brice tells CMC that he likes to surprise audiences with unusual cover songs. “I got a bunch of em! But there’s a song that I do that’s an old country song by Johnny Paycheck, and it’s one of my favorites called ‘Old Violin,’ and when I first got to play at Ryman, which is like the Church of Country Music — it’s where Hank Sr. and everybody else has played — I actually randomly just pulled that song out of the hat and just played it acoustically on stage by myself.”

Luke Combs tells hitsdailydouble that he is not allowing fame to go to his head. “The acclaim’s pretty weird. I do try to separate myself from it. I’m very aware of all that stuff, because people keep me aware. And I’m very proud of it. But I don’t sit around and bathe in the ego of it. I might be on a plane home after a show and be there an hour later. But then I’m still scooping the cat litter.”

Broadcasting Cable magazine says Brad Paisley is going to be a guest judge on America’s Got Talent on July 16th