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Complaints On Online Gift Card Reseller

BBB Warning: Online gift card reseller has numerous complaints

Reselling gift cards and buying pre-owned gift cards is now standard practice, especially during gift-giving holidays. Several companies will facilitate this process if you want to sell your unused gift cards, trade, or buy pre-owned gift cards.

One Texas-based gift card marketplace, Cardpool, LLC, currently has an “F” rating due to 2,187 complaints filed against the company in the last three years and failure to eliminate the pattern of complaints and unresolved complaints. Although Cardpool, LLC, has been responsive to complaints, the online gift card seller has quickly become one of the largest complaint generators in the 29 county service area of BBB Serving North Central Texas. Complaints are originating from all 50 states, with California and Texas leading. 

Complaints against Cardpool, LLC, have alleged failure to issue payment promptly after gift card was submitted and confirmed received by business or non-payment for cards sold. Additional complaints allege that gift cards purchased from the website had a zero balance, or they rejected the gift cards from being bought and were returned with a zero balance.

One complainant based in North Richland Hills, Texas, who attempted to sell his unused gift cards to Cardpool, LLC, told BBB, “I uploaded the numbers for some Flemmings Steakhouse gift cards. Cardpool made an offer of $345 for $500 worth of gift cards. I mailed the cards to them. They have not issued a check as promised. I have attempted to contact them directly multiple times.” Similarly, a Maryland-based complainant stated, “I bought six discounted gift cards from Cardpool, LLC, and was shocked to find that the cards have zero balance. I should have seen the reviews before making any purchases.”

BBB notified Cardpool, LLC, of a pattern of complaints involving these customer allegations, and the business has failed to respond to our communications.

If you choose to patronize a company that provides this service, Better Business Bureau warns customers to be cautious. “There are so many potential pitfalls if customers are not careful what company they choose,” says Monica Horton, BBB Spokesperson for BBB Serving North Central Texas. “When a gift card is not new, you also run the risk of not receiving what you bargained for.”

Make sure to research the business before you buy, sell, or trade. Visit and find out the company’s rating. Read the complaints of any online gift card reseller that you may be considering.

  1. Make sure that the company is responsive if things go wrong and have easy to find contact information.
  2. Make sure that you understand what the business’s policy is regarding refunds.
  3. Use a payment method that will allow you to dispute the charges if you believe you have become the victim of fraud.
  4. Immediately check the balance and any passwords or pins of any cards that you purchase.
  5. Once verified, use the gift cards quickly to make sure that they continue to function correctly.
  6. If problems arise, contact BBB. We can walk you through filing a complaint. Visit the BBB directory to find your local BBB

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