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Correction On Van Alstyne Fatal Accident

A tragic fatality accident occurred yesterday on US 75 near Van Alstyne when a driver hit a contractor’s vehicle shadowing a litter clean-up crew. That truck was not a TxDOT vehicle, as some media outlets have reported. TxDOT and all of its employees work for Texans as a state-funded agency. The work also incudes the administering of contracts for a variety of work, i.e. litter clean-up, roadway mowing, and road construction and maintenance, to name but a few. Vehicles involved in such work belong to the contractor performing particular work outlined in a state-funded contract. They do not belong to TxDOT as a “contracted” vehicle. A minor point, but we want the public to get an accurate summary/depiction of events that occur along our state’s roadways, especially when injuries or tragic fatalities occur.