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COVID-19 Hot Topics

COVID Hot Topics


Local Health Authority for Hopkins County:

Dr. Balkcom, MD

Brynn Smith, RN, EMT-P

  • Teresa Botello, EMT-P
  • Jennifer Davis, RN


  • COVID is transmitted through droplets. Droplet Video
  • COVID is prevented by preventing those droplets from infecting you and preventing you from infecting others. This is accomplished through hand hygiene and masking.
  • What if you’ve been exposed?
    • Definition of exposure.
      • Within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more to an infected person.
    • Not all exposures are the same.
    • High-risk exposures = 14-day quarantine no matter what.
      • Critical Infrastructure personnel may differ.
    • Wait at least 3-5 days or until symptoms begin to go get tested to ensure accuracy. The most favorable is 5-7 days. When to test after exposure.
  • Testing Different testing types
    • to find locations. You can also use
      • Blood Test
      • Shows exposure
      • Not reliable for a positive or negative result
      • Think dirty coffee cup.
    • Antigen (“rapid test”)
      • Nasal or oral swab
      • Good for positive results after the waiting period after exposure. (near 0% false positive)
      • NOT reliable for negative results (up to 50% false-negative rate) Test reliability
      • Not reported widely to local health entities.
    • Molecular-PCR
      • Oral or nasal swab
      • Most reliable for negatives and positives after the waiting period after exposure. (as low as 2% false-negative & 5% or lower for false positive)
      • Takes days to get back
      • Reported results
    • What if you’re positive?
      • Exposed household (high-risk exposures) needs to quarantine as well.
      • Proper isolation and quarantine are key to reduce spread.
      • With symptoms
        • End isolation at the end of 10 days +fever and symptom resolution for 24 hours.
        • Also depends on the severity of symptoms and a person’s health history.
      • Without symptoms
        • End isolation 10 days after test results received if no onset of symptoms for the duration.
      • Do I need to get retested?
        • NO

Helpful items:

Zoono products

Reduce group lunches

Bring clothes to change into at work.