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Crockett Intermediate School Holds Mini Science Camp

Crockett Intermediate School recently held a mini science camp for their fifth-grade students. The day camp gave students time to rotate between the following nine stations:

Force & Motion: Tug of War/Parachute
Matter: Making Ice Cream
Ecosystem Review: Scavenger Hunt
Animal Adaptations: Busy Beaks
Thermal Energy: S’mores
Density: Sink or Float
Light Reflection and Refraction: Laser Bullseye

“This Science camp gave our students a chance to explore concepts/skills they have learned this year more hands-on, real-life, engagingly,” stated Crockett Science Coach Stephanie Staggs. In addition, they designed this camp to help their students get ready for the upcoming STAAR Science test that they will be taking on Tuesday, May 17.

Students use a parachute to review force and motion;
Students make predictions in the Busy Beaks station