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Dallas Cowboys Open Camp – Your Qustions Answered


Dallas Cowboys Beginning Training Camp

The Dallas Cowboys arrived in Oxnard, California over the weekend and take to the practice field for the first time this afternoon. It’s the Cowboys 39th season training in the Golden State, where they’ll take part in 16 practice sessions before returning to The Star in Frisco. Here are some questions asked via social media:
Will Ezekiel Elliott be suspended or will they let him play?

The honest truth is no one knows. The growing sense is that the league may take some action, citing an “accumulation of behaviors” as reasoning for punishing the 2016 leading rusher. The league would have trouble pointing specifically at what, exactly, Zeke has done that violates any league rules. We should all be aware by now, however, that these things don’t matter when it comes to Roger Goodell, especially when other owners are pressuring him to discipline Elliott. No American pro league has more power with less consistency than the NFL. They very well could further that reputation by slapping Zeke with one or two games.

Will Jaylon Smith ever be a dominating force?
The structural damage to the knee Jaylon Smith injured in his final game at Notre Dame has since been operated on and healed. It’s the nerve damage which occurred that prompts the question. This past week we received great news that the nerve is expected to be fully regenerated in 6-9 months. Smith will play in the 2017 season as the Cowboys brass announced he’ll take part in the team’s first practice today. He will be brought along slowly in training camp and overall limited in 2017, however, things are actually going according to plan for Smith and the Cowboys. The thought has always been to have a gradual and patient recovery process followed by a cornerstone player for the next decade. During his time at OTA’s last month, you could tell both the strides Smith has made along with how far he still has to go. Understandably, everyone wants to know the answers right now, but in all honesty, 2018 will probably be more telling of Smith’s potential. Cowboy fans will be asked to continue to be patient.

Will the upcoming season make or break Dak Prescott?

All the teams have tape on him now. They are going to come at him swinging this season. My opinion, if he does well after this season he will be the real deal. I understand the thought of a sophomore slump, but I thought 2016 already made Dak Prescott. Along with virtually everyone else, I waited for Dak to hit bumps and take lumps in his rookie campaign, but it just never happened. He might’ve struggled a tad against the Giants and Viking, but those are tough defenses that force most offenses to struggle. What separates Dak from a guy like, let’s say, Robert Griffin III is decision making, health, the talent surrounding the player, and what the players are asked to do within their respective offense. Of those, the most important, are decision making and health as Prescott has no injury history to speak of and became the first rookie in NFL history to throw for more than 3,500 yards with less than five interceptions. Expect Prescott to only get better and be the Cowboys signal caller for the foreseeable future.
Who gets arrested next?
Contrary to popular belief the Dallas Cowboys are 24th out of 32 in player arrests since the year 2000. As it turns out player conduct is a league wide issue. Not just with player’s actions, but with how the league handles them as well.