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Did You See The Moon Monday Morning?

It has a name if you saw the Moon before sunrise Monday morning. November’s full Moon is the “Beaver Moon.” The Noon reached its peak illumination at 3:16 am Texas time this morning. It will look like a full moon until Tuesday morning. The Pleiades star cluster will appear to the lower right of the full Moon, but the Moon’s brightness may mask it. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the Beaver Moon corresponds to the time of year when beavers start sheltering in their lodges. Historically, this is the time of year when fur traders would trap beavers. November’s full Moon is also known as the Digging Moon, the Frost Moon, the Freezing Moon, the Deer Rutting Moon, and the Whitefish Moon. The names highlight the onset of colder weather and the actions of animals preparing for winter.