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Donors Choose Funds Aaron Parker Class Projects

Aaron Parker, second-grade students Wyatt Wright, left, and Rocky Hutchings, right, work independently with their new iPad, Kindle, and headphones. Their teachers, Ashley Wilkerson and Trudy Kelley share the devices that were made possible through the DonorsChoose program.


The second-grade students in Ashley Wilkerson’s and Trudy Kelley’s classes at Aaron Parker Elementary have new iPads, Kindles, and headphones to use while at school, thanks to generous donors through the DonorsChoose program.

Through DonorsChoose, anyone can help a classroom in need. The process begins with a classroom project requests by a public school teacher from anywhere in America. Supporters choose the project that inspires them and donates any amount they wish. Since its conception in 2000, 4.6 million supporters funded 1.8 million projects. Some of DonorsChoose partners include Chevron,, 3M, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Tyson, Horace Mann, and Arby’s Foundation. Family Album and one other funded the iPad project, and Sonic Drive-In supported the need for headphones. Sonic, GM, and members of the community helped make the Kindle project come to life.

“We currently have a very limited amount of devices in the classroom,” said Wilkerson in her explanation of her project to DonorsChoice. “By having one-to-one devices, the possibilities of learning are endless! Every student would have access to a device and wouldn’t feel left out or have to wait until someone is finished to use a device.” The devices are shared between the two classrooms to enhance students’ learning opportunities and implement blended learning.

Describing the need for headphones, Wilkerson said, “We are having to use technology more in the classroom. Due to COVID, students do not need to be sharing items if at all possible. With these headphones, students would have their own pair to use for the school year. At the end of the school year, the headphones will be collected and cleaned for the next year.”

In a thank you posted on DonorsChoice, Wilkerson expressed her gratitude to the supporters who funded her two projects. “We will now have enough devices for each student. Students will have more learning experiences and opportunities with these devices. Students will also be more engaged in their learning with these devices.”