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Employees Spend 26 Days Per Year On Websites Unrelated To Their Job


Spiceworks has announced the results of a new survey examining the use of web filtering in the workplace and the implications of restricting certain online properties. The results indicate among organizations that don’t restrict any internet activity, most employees (58%) spend at least four hours per week, the equivalent of 26 workdays per year, on websites unrelated to their job. In other words, based on the median U.S. salary of $45,812, these organizations are paying full-time employees approximately $4,500 per year to spend 10% of their time consuming non-work-related web content.

Among organizations that restrict one or more website on the corporate network, the results show 85% restrict illegal and unethical/inappropriate sites, and 61% restrict online dating sites. Fewer organizations restrict social media channels (38%) or personal instant messaging services (34%), and about a quarter of organizations restrict video streaming services, music streaming services, and online forums/communities. Additionally, 21% restrict personal webmail services, and 13% restrict online retail sites.

Among social media channels, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are most commonly blocked on corporate networks: 36% block Facebook, 36% block Snapchat, and 35% block Instagram. Additionally, 32% block Twitter, and 31% block Pinterest, but only 16% block LinkedIn.