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Friends Reunion Talks In Today’s Hollywood Report

Heat magazine claims the cast of ”Friends” has allegedly been in secret talks with Warner Brothers about returning for a reunion. A source tells the magazine,  “Despite what they say publicly, there have been negotiations. The problem is they’re demanding enormous fees. They already make a lot from the reruns, plus they got a huge bonus last year from Netflix. But they’re still not budging until they get $20 million each – something that reflects how big the project would be.”

In Touch Weekly Magazine claims Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are allegedly at odds over who should be their son’s godparents.

A source tells the magazine, “Meghan and Harry are squabbling over who should be godparents. Harry wants to ask old friends who he’s known since he was little, whereas Meghan wants her A-list pals to be Archie’s guardians. She was desperate for George and Amal to be godparents, but it’s not happening, and it’s nothing to do with them not fitting the bill — they’re rich, famous and have plenty of experience with kids. Even though Harry adores the couple, he’s arguing that they’ve only known them for a few years and they aren’t even in the country half the time. He’s won that battle. George and Amal won’t be godparents.”

Zach Galifianakis tells David Letterman that he stole Justin Bieber’s underwear when Justin appeared as a guest on his online talk show ‘Between Two Ferns.” “I had to change clothes … I got into his trailer to get this stuff off of me. I didn’t have any underwear so I see a pair of underwear in the corner. I needed a pair of underwear … I put ’em on.”

New Weekly Magazine claims Jennifer Aniston and Lady Gaga are allegedly secretly fighting for Bradley Cooper’s attention.

A source tells the magazine, Aniston and Cooper have become especially close in recent weeks. She has high hopes that it could be the start of something serious between them. Gaga has known for months that Bradley and Irina were going through problems, but she has tried to keep her distance because she doesn’t want to be a relationship wrecker. She assumed Bradley would come running to her once he dumped Irina. Gaga is shocked by Cooper getting cozy with Jen – and she is furious that she’s just waltzed in and tried to steal him right from under her nose. She is devastated that Jen is suddenly her rival for Bradley’s affections – and things could get pretty ugly if Jen doesn’t back off.”

Radar Online claims Brad Pitt’s kids are allegedly concerned about his smoking habit. A source tells the website, “Brad was vaping for a while, but lately, he’s gone back to smoking up to two packs of cigarettes a day, and no-one’s more worried about this than his kids. They’re all extremely health conscious and have been taught from an early age that smoking is terrible, even though both their parents have been smokers on and off their whole lives. Angie managed to quit a couple of years back and the kids were so proud, but Brad’s still hopelessly dependent and it’s gotten them worried sick.”

The Drinks Business website claims the late Anthony Bourdain wrote several graphic novels before he died. The series, called Hungry Ghost, is now going to be turned into a TV series by Sony Pictures Animation. The four-part series is about a wealthy Russian man, who vacations on Long Island with friends. He and others tell ghost stories during their trip.

Uproxx claims a petition has been started to get Keanu Reeves named as Time magazine’s ”Person of the Year”. As of yesterday, over 9,000 people had signed the petition. It reads, ”Keanu is the most wholesome person alive, make him the person of the year!”

Jim Carrey tells The Hollywood Reporter that he dislikes people, who ask for selfies. “I’m not unkind to people, but I would much prefer saying hello and who are you and what are you doing today to giving a selfie. Because selfies stop life. You go ‘Eeehh,’ he said, contorting his face, And then it’s going on Instagram to give people a false sense of relevance. Everybody was so gaga about Steve Jobs, but I picture him in hell running from demons who want a selfie.”

BuzzFeed News claims self-help motivator Tony Robbins allegedly punishes fans and followers by making them drink an unidentified brown liquid if they fail to live up to his expectations. His lawyers are denying reports that the brown drink is laced with laxatives.

The website also claims Robbins has placed “L” stickers on people’s foreheads while ”Loser” by Beck plays over public address systems.