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Game Of Thrones: What Could Have Been In Today’s Hollywood Report

The Sun claims Game of Thrones creator George RR Martin says his show could have gone on for another five seasons had he not feuded with its producers. The paper quotes him as saying, “It can be… traumatic. Because sometimes their creative vision and your creative vision don’t match, and you get the famous creative differences thing — that leads to a lot of conflicts. The [final] series has been… not completely faithful. Otherwise, it would have to run another five seasons. You get totally extraneous things like the studio or the network weighing in, and they have some particular thing that has nothing to do with the story, but relates to ‘Well this character has a very high Q Rating so let’s give him a lot more stuff to do.'”

Jennifer Aniston tells InStyle magazine that she still plucks her own eyebrows.  “I still do pluck my eyebrows, it is my zen time. It’s all the time. I do understand that the fashion for eyebrows is fuller, so I’ve found things to pluck elsewhere.”

Jennifer Lopez tells Extra that her children want her to get pregnant again. “I think they would love to have a brother or sister. They love having [Alex’s daughters] Natasha and Ella in their lives and having two extra bonus sisters. … We really form a beautiful blended family, and I think they would all be thrilled.”

Radar Online claims Chris Hemsworth wants Miley Cyrus to stay away from his brother. Liam. A source tells the website, “They are the ones picking up the pieces. And they’ll happily do anything to protect Liam, including shutting Miley out of Liam’s life. The breakup song, the smear campaign implying he has addiction issues, her texting him at random – it’s all infuriating to them. They welcomed Miley with open arms even though she was way too wild and immature for their friendship group, and they feel betrayed by her behavior too. They have conveyed that message to her in a strongly worded text. “Miley was actually shocked that Chris and Elsa had struck her off and told her in no uncertain terms to stay away from their brother and let him heal.”

The NY Post claims Chevy Chase was recently taking part in a Caddyshack promotional event in Atlantic City when a female audience member walked up to the stage and said, “Chevy Chase, my childhood hero. The hilarious Chevy Chase. This isn’t funny, this is boring … what is this?” Chevy halted the Q&A session and screamed at the woman before she was removed.

The Globe claims Lori Loughlin may turn on her husband, Mossimo, in order to get a plea deal in their college admissions scandal. A source tells the magazine, “Lori is furious at Mossimo because she believes they would have gotten the same kind of leniency that Felicity received if they owned up to the charges. She believes that Mossimo created this problem and dragged her into it… Now she has to save herself.” The seemingly phony source concludes that Loughlin is “ready to sacrifice her hubby for a deal.”

Alternative Nation claims Red Hot Chili Peppers star Anthony Kiedis used to go to Brad Pitt’s alleged new girlfriend, Sat Hari Khalsa, for holistic healing injections.

In the book ”Scar Tissue”, Anthony writes, “One of my main soul mates is Sat Hari. Sat Hari is a nurse, an American Sikh, a sweet, incredibly sheltered, turban-wearing young lady. She looks like a female version of Flea, with the same gap-toothed smile, the same shape of a face, the same color eyes, the same little pug nose. She’s maternal and she’s warm and she’s loving and she’s unassuming, a complete breath of fresh air and female energy, and I don’t mean sexual energy, at least not for me. For me, she’s like a sister and mother and caretaker and nurse all in one.”

The Star claims Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are allegedly in talks to do a movie loosely based on their marriage. A source tells the magazine, “Jen and Brad have been toying with the idea of co-starring in a film loosely based on their own love story and subsequent breakup. The only worry is that it’s sure to reopen old wounds, which Jen, in particular, isn’t sure she’s ready for. Brad is cajoling her to do it though – he thinks it’ll be cathartic for both of them. There are a lot of new scripts and pitches coming in too, so Jen is helping Brad go through them and figure out what they both can work on.”