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Garth Talks About “A Star Is Born” In Today’s Nashville Roundup

Garth Brooks tells CMT that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s new movie ”A Star is Born” reminds him of 90s country music. ”Have you seen A Star is Born? When Bradley Cooper says to Lady Gaga, “They want to hear your voice, and they want to hear what you have to say.” We were saying things back then. And at the time, we also had the gift of new. Radio was going to play everything because they couldn’t get enough of it. We were so lucky that that gift of new brought “The Dance,” “The Thunder Rolls” and “We Shall Be Free.” All those things become your voice. And then you have a decision to make in this business: try and do what’s hot and current, or just be yourself. And it’ll last as long as it lasts. That’s just where you’re at. When I’ve chased what’s common, it’s always come back to bite me.”

Luke Combs tells Billboard magazine that he loves holiday shopping. “I really enjoy the shopping and going out and getting stuff for other people. I could really [care less] about getting gifts for myself, but I really enjoy giving gifts.”

Cole Swindell tells Forbes magazine that attending a Reba McEntire concert convinced him to pursue country music. “I always loved music, but I never even thought I’d be on stage one day. Me being from Georgia in the 1990’s, I listened to Alan Jackson, Travis Tritt, Garth Brooks, literally everybody who played back then. I’ll never forget Reba McEntire coming to town and a family friend took me to the show the year I moved there with my mom after my parents divorced, and I went every year after that.”

Chris Young tells Glamour magazine that he doesn’t look good without a beard.“I’ve had a beard for so long that I think people think I’m super comfortable with it, but when I first started growing a beard, there was red and brown in it and all sorts of colors. I thought it was so weird and maybe that I shouldn’t have a beard, but once I got one … I’ve shaved probably once in 10 years. You have to keep it trimmed up and stuff. The last time I shaved, I looked like I was 12!” claims the Foo Fighters were recently performing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada when they invited Brothers Osborne on stage to cover the Tom Petty song “Breakdown”.

Maren Morris tells Rolling Stone magazine that she has a crush on Bruce Springsteen. “My music director is Max Weinberg’s drum tech, so we got to see Bruce’s guitars underneath the stage and watch [a Springsteen concert] from, like, two feet away. I could see the label on his jeans. I was like, ‘Oh, my God, he is so good-looking, he does not age!’ After seeing him play four hours, I was like, ‘I have no excuse to perform an off show.'”