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Gas Panic Continues As Supply Is Slow


Because of fears over a possible gasoline shortage, and worries about a dramatic jump in prices at the pump, several area gas stations ran out of gas Thursday. Authorities say this was caused by many topping off all their vehicles. Motorists are urged to drive conservatively and not make unnecessary trips.

The Texas Railroad Commissioner says public panic is causing some North Texas gas stations to run low on fuel. Commissioner Ryan Sitton said there is no gas shortage in Texas and that there are plenty of tankers on the road. He attributed to word of mouth and reports of refineries being shut down causing people to feel a need to rush and fill up their gas tanks. A number of local gas stations are being inundated with cars fueling up. Sitton said if your tank isn’t low there’s no need to get gas now.

Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton said Thursday that people are panicking and that’s causing a run on gas and empty fuel pumps. He says there is plenty of gas in Houston and elsewhere, but there are logistical problems of making sure all of the stations are getting there fuel. Sitton says he doesn’t think it will be an issue a week from now as long as people stay calm and fill up their tanks as they normally would.