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Getting Behind The Wheel After Eating Christmas Dinner Can Be As Dangerous As Drunk Driving

Overindulging at Christmas dinner might only make you uncomfortable– it could make you a dangerously bad driver. Car insurance company Green Flag polled 2,000 British drivers and found 87% report expecting to feel adverse effects after eating large, heavy portions of food on Christmas, and many say they will have a potential eating window of over 12 hours on Christmas Day. Nutritionist Jenny Tschiesche adds, “People reporting desperate tiredness after their Christmas dinner isn’t surprising considering the number of carbohydrates we’ll consume on Christmas Day. Similarly, the sluggishness people experience is caused because there’s a high salt content in our festive treats, and this makes our bodies retain water.” She says that you can avoid these issues by waiting until five hours after eating Christmas dinner to drive, having enough water throughout the day on Christmas, avoiding starchy vegetables, and making sure you get enough sleep leading up to the day.