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Going On Vacation With Your Significant Other

A new survey by Visit Anaheim shows how couples navigate their first vacation together. Coined a “baecation,” the survey discovered that couples will have the smoothest vacation when they go on vacation within the first year of their relationship. For the most optimal vacation experience, they should go on vacation during the 10-month mark of their relationship. The survey found that most first baecations were a success according to 88% of respondents. Only 24% of those surveyed were overwhelmed by the planning, booking, and budgeting for the vacation. Other findings:

  • Most couples return to the same location as their first vacation, most likely to recapture those feelings and memories.
  • 69% said that picking the right destination was key, followed by having a budget (61%) and good planning (60%). Surprisingly, only 51% of those surveyed said that making sure you and your partner are serious is an important factor.
  • Choosing a destination was the most common disagreement according to 32% of those surveyed. Where to stay and how long the vacation should be other triggers for vacation arguments.
  • 23% broke up because of their first vacation, however, three-quarters said the baecation had an overall positive effect on the relationship, and almost half added that it determined how romantic they are with their partner.
  • 74% said that they feel more comfortable taking a vacation with their partner after that first baecation.