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Gun Thefts In Paris

The Paris Police Department has reported that during July, August, and September of 2022, sixteen (16) handguns and three (3) rifles were stolen from motor vehicles in Paris. These burglaries occur primarily overnight from unlocked cars parked at residences. Out of the nineteen (19) firearms stolen, one was in a locked vehicle.

Burglary of Motor Vehicles is a severe crime, made even more serious by the theft of firearms- which they use to commit more serious crimes. The Paris Police Department and the Motor Vehicles Crimes Task Force encourage citizens to lock their vehicles, even during quick stops where you leave your vehicle unattended and out of sight. Every firearm stolen from a motor vehicle is a gun in the hand of a criminal. It creates a greater risk to the citizens of our community and the police officers who increasingly come into contact with the now-armed offender. Don’t let someone use your gun to rob, assault, hurt or kill another person.

Responsible gun owners do not leave firearms in vehicles. Equally important is to remove all purses, bags, backpacks, computers, cellphones, and other valuables from your car. Thieves typically look around inside the passenger compartment before taking the risk of entering and burglarizing it. Suppose your vehicle is locked, and there is nothing potentially valuable or tempting for a thief to see inside. In that case, you will be less likely to become a victim of a motor vehicle burglary. Remember: Hide or remove your valuables, lock your vehicle, and do not leave firearms in an unattended vehicle.