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How America Sleeps

May is Better Sleep Month, and Mattress Firm has released the findings of its inaugural “How America Sleeps” survey, illuminating the most popular sleep habits across the country and the lengths that Americans are willing to go in order to get a good night’s sleep. Responses from the survey’s 3,000 participants found that the average adult is falling short of the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep a night and that having the TV on is necessary for more than 30% of the respondents in order to fall asleep. Additionally, the average American surveyed would pay close to $300 every night if it meant having a “perfect night’s sleep.” Other findings show:

Pre-Bed / Evening Rituals:

  • 42% Read a book
  • 41% Take a warm bath/shower
  • 40% Watch TV
  • 31% plan out the next day
  • 25% Meditate
  • 22% Drink warm Milk
  • 26% of people have counted sheep (or other things) to fall asleep
  • More than half of Americans sleep with a pet in their bed at least some nights during the week.

What people do in bed:

  • 71% watch TV
  • 52% read
  • 42% play video games.
  • 37% eat

Typical sleeping positions

  • 37% laying on the side
  • 28 multiple positions
  • 18% laying on stomach
  • 17% laying on the back