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How Women Want To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Dinner and a movie, red roses, and chocolates, a romantic night for two, Valentine’s Day traditions as old as time. But is it a win or a yawn for women today? Summer’s Eve sought to get the inside scoop on how women are celebrating Valentine’s Day in 2019 in the brand’s second annual Valentine’s Day survey. Respondents dished on the do’s and don’ts of celebrating Valentine’s Day in 2019. Among the findings:

– 71% of respondents still say that romantic night out with their plus one is the ideal way to spend V-Day. And 45% of women want the traditional fanfare of dinner, movie, and flowers.

– Still, 23% of respondents would rather celebrate Valentine’s Day unconventionally – from going on a group date to opting to spend the day with friends.

These are the top things respondents said they’d most like included in their Valentine’s Day plans:

  • A romantic dinner: 67%
  • Having sex: 49%
  • Being intimate: 47%
  • Receiving flowers: 47%
  • Receiving chocolates: 43%

– There are many different ways to celebrate V-Day, and although 71% of women still prefer to have a romantic night out, more than a quarter still opt to spend the night alone, while 22% think spending the day with friends is the way to go. And while 57% of women surveyed said Valentine’s Day is overrated., 56% say they do feel heavy pressure to have a date for Valentine’s Day

– When it comes to coupling up for the big day, women take many measures to find a V-Day plus one: 24% have found someone in a bar or club to spend Valentine’s Day with, and 23% have found someone on a dating app. A quarter of those surveyed has even gone back to an ex to ensure they don’t spend the holiday alone!

– When it comes to V-Day, intimacy is still high on the agenda for most women, with more than 53% saying it’s important to be intimate on the holiday of love. Taking it one step further, 29% said they planned to try something sexually new and adventurous in honor of V-Day!

– Three in 10 women have had a relationship end (either been broken up with/broke up with someone) right before or on Valentine’s Day. When looking at older millennials, 66% say the reason for the breakup was to get out of making plans or buying a gift. A quarter of that same millennial audience cited being proposed to as one of the tackiest things that could happen to them on Valentine’s Day.

– At the end of the day, 66% of women agree that they actually like Valentine’s Day. What items are “clutch” in any date night bag? Women said they carry the following when out on a date:

  • Cash: 61%
  • Lip balm: 53%
  • Makeup: 45%
  • Perfume: 44%
  • Gum: 42%
  • Phone charger: 38%
  • Feminine care products (tampons, pads, etc.): 32%
  • Hair tie/bobby pins: 31%
  • Feminine cleansing cloths: 27%
  • Toothbrush: 24%