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Jake Owen’s Big Announcement In Today’s Nashville Roundup claims Jake Owen and his girlfriend, Erica, are expecting a baby. Jake released a statement saying; “This’ll throw you guys for a loop. We haven’t told anyone yet, but Erica [Hartlein] and I will be having a little addition to our Owen family.”

The Daily Mail claims Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani cooked a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos encrusted turkey for Thanksgiving. Blake smoked it in the backyard of his Oklahoma home. claims Blake Shelton is looking forward to spoiling Gwen Stefani and her kids at Christmas. A source tells the website; “Blake goes all out for the holidays. He loves Christmas more than anything, and he has a whole load of traditions stemming back from his childhood that he loves to follow. Blake has always been a huge fan of the holidays, but now he’s with Gwen and they have the boys, it’s an even more special time for him. Blake will spend literally months thinking about and planning the perfect gifts, and he loves to cook a huge traditional dinner, but with his own special Southern twist. Each year Gwen and Gavin take turns to have the children for Christmas, and it’s Gwen’s turn this year, so Blake is super excited as he has a bunch of games planned and some really great presents for the boys that he knows they are going to love.”

Jimmie Allen tells Billboard magazine that he didn’t hesitate when he decided to move to Nashville to become a country singer. “Once I realized that I’m going to do the country-rock thing, I had to go to Nashville. I literally just made the decision to go, packed up my car, and left. When people set a date on something, they never do it. How many people say, ‘I’m moving next week,’ or I’m moving next year?’ I’m like, ‘Just go!'”

Raw Story claims the Federal Elections Commission won’t charge Kid Rock for federal campaign violations. The watchdog group Common Cause filed a complaint because they claim Rock broke rules on candidate registration and financial reporting during his ‘Kid Rock for US Senate’ promotion. Rock says his Senate run was a publicity stunt

Chris Young tells the Leader-Post that the hardest part of making an album is picking what songs make it onto the album. “That’s always the big thing, trying to get down from all these things that you’ve heard that you like for different reasons into one cohesive project. That’s not necessarily that it stinks but that’s where I’m like, ‘I wish I could just constantly record stuff every day and put it out.’ But you have to get everything into a nice little package.”

Kip Moore tells Billboard magazine that he enjoys the beach and surfing. “I am a decent surfer. I do it when I can, but I’ve never really had the chance to live around it, but I take trips to do it.”