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Jake Owen’s Movie In Today’s Nashville Roundup

Maren Morris tells the Who magazine that she is not pregnant. ”I had had a couple of drinks at the hotel bar, and I was just trying to be funny, like, “I’m gonna have your babies”. Everyone immediately was like, “Is this your pregnancy announcement?” We have a plan in mind – but not anytime soon!”

Chase Rice tells People magazine that he has lost a lot in his life. “My life has included losing a football career, losing my dad and losing a music career two years ago, or at least being on the cusp of it, and I’m still here.”

Women’s Day claims Nicole Kidman allegedly doesn’t like how close Keith Urban and his opening act, Julia Michaels, have become. A source tells the Australian magazine, “Keith has been spending lots of time with Julia and the word is that it isn’t doing his marriage any favors whatsoever. She’s very flirtatious around him and he’s been lapping it up. Nicole’s got every right to find their behavior intimidating and highly inappropriate especially as Keith’s so unapologetic and borderline smug about it all.”

Brett Young tells The Shotgun Seat that he has always been extremely emotional. “I was born a giant softie. I always have been. Sometimes it doesn’t serve me very well, but I think in songwriting it allows me to, back to that word vulnerability, it allows me to kind of embrace that. I have to be careful that I don’t write 100 really sappy, sad love songs because there needs to be a balance, but that’s always just kind of been who I was.”

Riley Green tells that his grandfather used to host huge music parties at his house. “It was my great grandparents’ house, and this was his parents, and they passed on and we used to go sit on the porch. He had an old Epiphone guitar and he didn’t play at all, but he liked it. He just liked guitar so much, and I remember he would he would call up two or three old men who would come out and play and I’d just watch their hands. They started doing it every week, and people started coming to listen, and eventually like 200-300 old people would show up every Friday. I would just sit there and play along.”

CMT claims Jake Owen is going to star in a new movie titled “The Friend.” Jason Segel, Dakota Johnson and Oscar winner Casey Affleck are also in the film. The movie is about a man whose best friend moves in to help him with his terminally ill wife.