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Jason Aldean’s Perfect Day In Today’s Nashville Roundup

Rolling Stone magazine claims a Johnny Cash-themed restaurant and bar, called Johnny Cash’s Kitchen and Saloon, is going to open in Nashville next year. It will be located next to the Johnny Cash Museum and will feature Cash family recipes.

WOKQ claims Eric Church was recently performing in Boston when two women in the front row started brawling. He stopped singing and told fans, “I won’t sing again until you two stop fighting”. One of the brawlers was escorted out because she was drunk.

Jason Aldean tells Deer & Hunting magazine that a perfect day involves hunting.“To me, my perfect day spent outdoors would probably be during the fall during deer season, a day when it’s not freezing cold outside but it’s not too warm, either. Probably somewhere mid-40s or 50 degrees where deer are moving around a bit, and honestly, just sitting in a tree stand. Kinda having some peace and quiet.”

Luke Bryan tells Billboard magazine that his type of country music isn’t for everyone. “Certainly, I’ve caught flack for my styles of country. When I read something negative about myself, it kind of gets me down. But the true traditionalists, they’ll always bark. I mean, everybody wants hair metal back. Everybody wants the ’70s back, and it just doesn’t work that way. It’s not coming back.”

Scotty McCreery tells People magazine that his house is filled with personalized gifts from his wedding. “We have a McCreery cutting board. We have a McCreery clock. We have a McCreery lazy Susan. If you walk in the house, you’re not going to wonder who the heck lives there.”

Thomas Rhett tells People magazine that he is doing his best to balance touring with fatherhood. “Probably as early as high school, I thought if I had kids and I got to tour one day that I’d want my kids to be a full part of that touring life. We had what we needed, but it was never excessive or over the top, and I think we’re trying to really instill that in our children too. When I’m home, I want them to experience a normal life, disregarding what I do for a living or what Lauren does for a living.”

Contact Music claims Katy Perry and Kacey Musgraves are going to perform a Dolly Parton tribute at the Grammy Awards. They and other artists will perform a medley of Dolly’s hits.