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Justin Moore’s Good Marriage Tips In Today’s Nashville Roundup

Lee Brice tells Palmetto magazine that he grew up hunting and fishing. “I guess it was a lot like most small towns across the country. I did a lot of hunting and a lot of fishing. A lot of working with my daddy. We didn’t have a whole lot. I’ve got a brother, and we had each other and that’s about it. We worked for a living.”

E! News claims Dan + Shay thought they were being pranked when Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner asked them to sing at their Las Vegas wedding.

Dan tells the website, “We were like so hush about it, bandmate Dan Smyers said. “They texted us a few days before. We thought it was like a prank and we’re like, ‘Sure, we’ll do it.’ We were so DL, we didn’t tell anyone on our team, we’re like, we just have this like engagement after the award show. We get there and our phones are blowing up and everyone’s like, ‘Diplo’s live on Instagram and he’s doing this wedding and you guys are singing. This is so crazy.’ I think still to this day we’re like, ‘Should we talk about this?'”

Whiskey Riff claims Chris Stapleton recently donated $10,000 to the Lexington, Kentucky branch of Habitat Humanity. The money is going to build homes for those in need.

Brett Young tells Fox News that his wife is having pregnancy cravings. “She’s actually better – I expected it to get worse with the pregnancy, her cravings. She actually has less of them now than she did at the beginning. In the beginning, it really was Rice Krispies Treats, and it was to the point where – she’s going to get so mad I’m even saying this, but it’s true – she would just make them in the pot and then not even move them over to the pan to flatten them out. She would just spoon them out of the pot – like straight up. Like, ‘The marshmallows and the butter have melted, I’m going to eat it right now.’”

Thomas Rhett tells The Sun that his life has been ‘chaos’ with the addition of two children. “My life will probably not change that much ever again. The last years have been chaos in the best way possible, that’s the best way you can describe it. “

Justin Moore tells Entertainment Tonight that he knows the key to a happy marriage. “The secret to me is saying ‘yes, ma’am,’ and ‘I’m sorry.’ I think trust is the biggest thing in a marriage. You have to trust and you have to be trusted. My wife and I tell each other everything. We don’t always like it, but we’re completely honest with each other.”