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Kane’s Scary Proposal In Today’s Nashville Roundup

Whiskey Riff claims Eric Church was recently performing in Dallas when he covered ZZ Top’s ”Sharp Dressed Man”

Keith Urban tells CMT that he and his family have a Friday night tradition. “We have a thing every week called, ‘Friday Night Movie Night’ and the kids have pizza and choose a movie, and there’s no school the next day, so they get to stay up a bit later.”

Morgan Wallen tells Knox News that 2018 was the best year of his life. “I think it was probably the best year of my life just with all things … going on. I mean it’s crazy the blessings that I got to have and it’s also, you know, with … saying ‘the best year of your life’ … those kinds of things can also be the most stressful just because you start gaining momentum. And you start doing well and succeeding, and then along with that comes pressure. You put the pressure on yourself, and others put pressure on you, and you start to feel that about what you’ve got to start doing next.”

Kane Brown tells ET Online that he proposed while watching a horror movie. “I asked her to marry me during ‘Amityville Horror.’ The movie was playing.”

Kelsea Ballerini tells Delmarva Now that “Miss Me More” was inspired by one of her own relationships. ”It was just a relationship that I was in for a couple of years and after it was over I remember this really specific moment where I was dealing with the bitterness and the anger that everyone goes through after a big breakup and I looked in the mirror and I was like, “You know what? I miss who I was before this relationship way more than I miss who I was when I was in it. And way more than I miss who I was with. It was a really important moment for me as a young woman to just say, “No, I don’t need to spend my energy being angry or being bitter or being anything other than being productive on working on myself. I think that’s a good reminder sometimes that we just need to fight for ourselves and know that we’re worth fighting for.”

Michael Ray tells Billboard magazine how ‘One That Got Away’ happened. “When we recorded the song. I felt it was really in the realm of a feel-good groove, kind of like ‘Kiss You In The Morning.’ I haven’t had a song like that yet. When you hear it, it’s one that makes you think you’ve heard it before. The melody stays with you. Anytime you listen to it, it just kind of takes you away which is what I want my music to do.”