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Keith’s Fan Stage Selfie In Today’s Nashville Roundup

OK! magazine claims Keith Urban was recently performing in Vancouver when he spotted a teen girl holding a sign that read; “I’m 13 years old. I’ve got braces on my teeth. My favorite singer is a guy named Keith. If you see my sign there is something you’ve gotta do. Sing for my mom, ‘Somebody Like You.’”

Keith invited the girl and her mother on stage before serenading them and taking selfies.

Old Dominion’s Matthew Ramsey tells the Journal Star that he’s drawn to storytellers like Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan. “I’m a huge fan of a good story and songwriters in general. I also was drawn to storytelling songwriters like Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan and these people that could really weave a story. And I think country music is really centered around that story and the songwriter. Songwriters are amazing creative minds, and just to be in Nashville and hear what they can come up with is inspiring.”

Maren Morris tells Country Living magazine that she bounces her music ideas off of her new husband Ryan Hurd. “I really trust his opinion, especially if I have a new song that maybe we didn’t write together, I always play him the mix the second I get it back because I really trust his ear.”

Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line tells USA Today that his songwriting is influenced by rap music. “For me, listening to rap opens my mind to a different kind of creation. I try to write in a new way. So our music is country with rap lyrics.”

Cole Swindell tells that being on the road doesn’t hurt his workout routine. “I’m better about going when I’m on the road than when I’m home. You can have some beers the night before, but you still gotta get up to the gym in the morning. I see my buddies [in the band] going and I’m like ‘OK, I guess I’m going, too.’ I do some lifting, but a lot of it’s cardio, trying to get my breathing right to put on a high-energy show. You’re running around these big stages and you can’t sing if you can’t breathe.

Carly Pearce tells People magazine that her boyfriend Michael Ray is romantic.“He is so romantic — I probably exploit him too much on social media, what he does for me, but it’s really sweet — and he’s constantly doing little things for me. I like those little things. Even though we spend so many days apart and miles apart, he is very intentional and it’s special.”