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Kevin Hart Out Of The Hospital In Today’s Hollywood Report

TMZ says Kevin Hart has been released from the hospital ten days after being admitted following a near-fatal car crash. Kevin is now at a physical therapy rehab clinic. He underwent surgery to repair three spinal fractures. A source tells US Weekly Magazine, “He wants his inner circle to downplay the seriousness of his injuries because he has so many project commitments. It’s going to take him many months to recover. It’s going to be an extremely long and grueling road to recovery. Everyone is focused on his recovery.”

Life & Style Weekly Magazine claims Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may purchase a Malibu mansion. A source tells the magazine, “They’re talking about buying property nearby, in Malibu and plan to view houses during their trip. Meghan knows her home is in the U.K. now, but she does miss California. With its year-round, almost perfect climate and beaches, both she and Harry think Malibu is the ideal location for a base in the States. There are two properties they’re eyeing. One near the members-only Soho House Malibu and one in a more remote area near Point Dume. Meghan and Harry could visit, do some global outreach work from L.A. and hobnob with politicians and celebrities there. It would be beneficial for royal business.”

TMZ says the Village People are upset with a group of Missouri farmers for producing a new YMCA parody video. Village People lead singer Victor Willis tells the website,  “Because the Missouri Farm Bureau failed to obtain a license for use of my song in addition to intertwining my original lyrics with new lyrics, I must decline this specific use of the song in conjunction with the ‘USMCA.'”

The farmers produced the video to push Congress to pass a new U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement.

Radar Online claims Brad Pitt has a fractured relationship with his oldest son, Maddox. Maddox was walking to class at Yonsei University in South Korea when a reporter asked if Brad was going to visit him. Maddox replied,  “Um, I don’t know about that. Whatever happens, happens.” A source tells the website, “His eldest kids never want to see him, and that hurts him. They’re on Angie’s side – and always have been.”

The NY Post says Jennifer Lopez wore a $3,495 pair of jeans to the world premiere of her new movie ”Hustlers.” The acid wash jeans had a folded waistline, gold buttons, and cargo-style pockets. JLo’s bustier cost $795

The Las Vegas Review-Journal claims Jerry Seinfeld recently showed up unannounced to Brad Garrett’s Las Vegas comedy club. He told jokes and took questions from fans. One audience member asked him to tell his famous dry cleaning joke. Jerry said, “You missed that — it was during the zip line thing, remember?” But this call-out was actually from a routine from ages ago. “Oh, you’re really a comedy fan! That was from like 20 years ago! When you scrape something off your jacket with your thumb, that’s dry cleaning. Dry cleaning doesn’t really exist. I’ve seen dry cleaning fluid. That proves it — the fluid is right there.”

Dennis Rodman tells Business Insider that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is a nice guy. ”Kim is not that type of person that you think that people portrayed him to be. Kim is cool and pretty nice. If you sit down and talk to him with lunch, I think you’ll say, ‘Well, this guy’s cool and pretty nice’. I get calls all the time. They want me to come back every month, but I can’t go because Donald won’t let me go.”

Simon Cowell tells Extra that he, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson have taped their American Idol reunion for Kelly Clarkson’s talk show. It will air next Wednesday. “That was exciting, that was hilarious. It’s on next Wednesday. “It was almost like we were still doing the show. So weird because you know what it’s like when we got together again. Ryan was on satellite. I told him I flew in from London to be there, he stayed in New York.”

Cinema Blend claims Mark Hamill recently visited the Star Wars: Galaxy Edge theme park at Disneyland. He tweeted, ”The fans were great, but it turned into a continual selfie party. Next time I go, I’ll wear a Stormtrooper helmet. I could use you to guide me since it’s hard to see anything in one of those.”