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Kip Moore’s Epic Trip In Today’s Nashville Roundup

Kane Brown tells Billboard magazine that he will always be close friends with Lauren Alaina. “We were in middle school together. I switched schools in high school, but we were still close. We both came from a small town, and I don’t think there’s anyone else in the music industry that is from the same hometown, and been friends since middle school, and have had a number one song together. It’s an awesome feeling.”

Dan + Shay’s Dan Smyers tells Billboard magazine that Darius Rucker gave him valuable advice about how to treat others. “I think the main thing is just how to treat people. It all starts from the top down – Darius Rucker told us ‘If you’re a good person, it’s going to translate all the way down to everyone who is on the road with you.’ We want to treat our opening acts well and let them do their thing. If you’re afraid of getting upstaged, then you have to step your show up. It makes the show better when everybody is full force. Hopefully, they can pay it forward on their headlining tours.”

Maren Morris tells Glamour magazine that she often spaces out. “[I’m] definitely scatterbrained. I internalize a lot of thoughts and sometimes it seems like I’m not listening or totally zoned out, but I’m always on a loop of ideas and song titles. I’m definitely kind of a space cadet, but I’m very laid back. I’ve never been this loud personality. I don’t dominate the room when I walk into it. I save that for the stage.”

Kip Moore tells Billboard magazine that a surfing trip to Maui was one of the most thrilling experiences of his life. “I am a decent surfer. I do it when I can, but I’ve never really had the chance to live around it, but I take trips to do it. I can get down a little bit, but that was a little out of my league on this particular day, so just to paddle out and to see how big the swells were coming in, I thought ‘What in the world have I gotten myself into?’ Once I got on one of them and rode it to the end, it was probably one of the most thrilling moments of my life.”

Dierks Bentley tells Glamour magazine that everyone in his family goes by their middle name. “[My name is] Frederick Dierks Bentley, but my whole family goes by their middle name—my sister, my brother. So from day one, I’ve always been called Dierks. My mom was really upset when I named my son properly. I told her that his first name was actually going to be his first name! That’s how normal people do it, so I don’t know why she did it that way! People wonder if Dierks is a stage name.”