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Kip Moore’s Sleep Date In Today’s Nashville Roundup

Ticket News claims Zac Brown Band is going to headline the Indy 500’s sixth annual Legends Day concert on May 25.

In Touch Weekly Magazine claims Keith Urban makes Nicole Kidman feel special on a daily basis. A source tells the magazine; “Nicole says that Keith makes her feel the most beautiful and sexy she ever has in her life. She feels young and confident and says she doesn’t feel like she is 51!”

Dustin Lynch tells Cosmopolitan Magazine that he doesn’t get tattoos because he’s scared of the commitment. “I’m kind of a fan of tattoos, but I’m scared of the lifetime commitment. I feel like I would wake up six months later and want something different. Like why is there a grasshopper on my arm? I mean, Blake Shelton has ladybugs. What was he thinking there? Now he has to put up with that the rest of his life.”

Kip Moore tells People Magazine that he once had a woman fall asleep on him during a date. “I had a girl one time, I got her to go out with me. She fell asleep on the ride home! A little bit of drool was coming out of her mouth as her head was up against the window. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. I thought ‘I’m such a loser that she’s fallen asleep on the ride home!’ ”

Scotty McCreery tells Rolling Stone Magazine that he once ate Denny’s with his idols, Rascal Flatts. “One night, we stopped at a truck stop rest area after a show with Rascal Flats. One of my buddies goes, ‘Hey, that’s Jay DeMarcus’s bus! I’m gonna go on it!’ I said, ‘No, don’t do that.’ He walked on without me. Jay recognized him from earlier and was like, ‘Let’s go get some Denny’s.’ So it was me, my friend, Jay DeMarcus and his whole crew. I grew up on Rascal Flatts. You wouldn’t expect to be chilling at Denny’s at 1 a.m., trading stories. We had the Grand Slam and we were good.”

Chris Stapleton tells The New York Times that he sometimes doesn’t know where he fits in musically. “I don’t know that my voice ever makes sense anywhere, necessarily. I would sing bluegrass music and I don’t fit in there; I would sing rock music and I’m probably a little too hillbilly for that. And the country, I’m too much rock ’n’ roll for there sometimes.”

Jake Owen tells Glamour Magazine that his mother gave him the best advice about marriage. “My mom and dad have been married for over 30 years, and my mom gave me a great piece of advice once that being married is not a 50/50 deal. Sometimes my dad gives 10 percent and she has to give 90 percent and vice versa. She said you’ll never be 50/50, it’s always one or the other. If someone is having a bad day, no matter if you want to or not, the other person needs you to lift them up, and I’ve learned that.”