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KOYN Teacher of the Week May 12


main teacher of week


Our KOYN Teacher of the Week is Juli Wild music teacher Dodd City High School. She was nominated by Carrie Kinard who said:

“Mrs. Wild has been a huge inspiration ever since she began working at our school. She has pushed for new programs, been a listening ear for all of her students, and overall a great mentor to anybody who needed one. She started out as our 2nd grade reading teacher when she first arrived. She immediately noticed the lack of a music program besides choir in our and began pushing to be able to teach 4th through 6th graders recorder in the future. She then became our music teacher and started teaching recorder the next year, when my class was in the 5th grade. She set drives in us to focus on learning our notes and bring our instruments home to practice, practice, practice. Our recorder programs progressed and when we started going to contest, we came out with the best score we could every time. When I was in the sixth grade getting ready to move up to junior high, I remember being very sad that I would not be able to have her as a teacher. However, Mrs. Wild wanted the music program to progress past elementary so she pushed for a junior high percussion program, to which she was granted! As our 8th grade year came to an end and we were getting ready to move on to high school, a few of the students in my class and I decided that this wasn’t the end either. We confronted Mrs. Wild with the idea of a high school music program involving band instruments. It took a lot of pushing, but with our petitions and Mrs. Wild’s strong will, we were able to start our program my freshmen year with a total of 14 people in our musical ensemble. Any band teacher or band member would know that it is extremely difficult to find beginner music out there fit for a ‘band’ of our size and even harder, with the types of instruments we had within our small group. Mrs. Wild took it in her own hands to write pieces fit for our group to play and make it work with what we had. The people in our community that attended the first concert we ever played came imagining a very small music ensemble that was at most, mediocre, but they were all very surprised when we sounded 100 times better than they had expected. I can personally say that no matter what talents we had, our success that first year was mirrored from the amount of drive Mrs. Wild gave us. She pushed us to do the best we could no matter the circumstances and we did just that. The next year of the program, we more than doubled in size with a little over 35 students. This year, we are proudly called ‘The Swarm’ and are a high school band alone of over 40 students and we also now have a junior high program allowing our students to start learning their instruments sooner so we can be more advanced in high school. We have went to contest twice and both times received the highest score we could. Our junior high went to concert for their first time this year and also received a 1. Over the years Mrs. Wild has wrote the Dodd City Alma Mater and presented it to the school through our band, and she helped reintroduce the Dodd City Fight Song that hasn’t been played, nor chanted, in years. To help aid reintroducing this, she worked tirelessly to set up a concert that made the ‘Fight Song Comeback’ something that we will all remember for the rest of our lives. Overall, Mrs. Wild is a wonderful person who will jump at the drop of a button to help any one of her students if we need her. She is a great leader who I, and many many other people look up to. Please choose her for this honor, she truly deserves it!”


We need your nominations. Head on over to easttexasradio.com, click on the KOYN logo and then the Teacher of the week logo. Enter as many educators as you want. Our winners have been teachers, administrators, bus drivers and school nurses. Remember easttexasradio.com and get your favorite educator picked for teacher of the week! They win a twenty five dollar gift certificate from Office Equipment Center and a beautiful desk plant from the award winning Chapman’s Florist. Teacher of the week….from you and Your hometown station KOYN 93.9.