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Lamar County Declaration Of Disaster – Threat of Wildfires



WHEREAS, Lamar County has not had rainfall for an extended period; and


WHEREAS, weather forecasters offer little promise of a change in the windy, dry conditions in  the near future; and


WHEREAS, these windy, dry conditions pose the threat of large, dangerous and fast-moving wildfires; and


WHEREAS, such fires have the potential of endangering lives and damaging property on a large scale; and


WHEREAS, the Texas Disaster Act of 1975 authorized declaration of a state of disaster “if the threat of disaster is imminent”; and


WHEREAS, the magnitude of the potential damage and the rapidity at which such a fire could escalate to major proportions constitute an imminent threat of disaster; and


WHEREAS, declaration of such disaster authorized the imposition of controls on activities which tend to increase the likelihood of fires; and


WHEREAS, such controls, once implemented, have the potential of protecting lives and property by mitigating the threat of dangerous fires;


BE IT THEREFORE PROCLAIMED that I, M.C. Superville, Jr., County Judge of Lamar County do hereby declare a state of disaster based on the threat of large and/or fasting moving wildfires in Lamar County, Texas. [Texas Gov’t Code§ 418.108(b), (c), (d)].


BE IT ALSO PROCLAIMED that this state of disaster will continue until rescinded in accordance with the above statute and order, but in no instance, will this declaration continue for more than seven days without authorization by the Lamar County Commissioners’ Court.


BE IT ALSO PROCLAIMED that this state of disaster is being declared solely for the purpose of implementing controls aimed at mitigating the hazard posed by wildfires during the current, windy, dry weather.


BE IT ALSO ORDERED that the purpose of this order is the mitigation of the hazard posed by wildfires by curtailing the practice of outdoor burning, which purpose is to be taken into account in any enforcement action based upon this order.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I affix my signature this 2’7111 day of November 2017.

EFFECTIVE DATES: November 27, 2017, through December 3, 2017.