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Luke Bryan Talks Father’s Day in Today’s Nashville Insider


Luke Bryan tells Sounds Like Nashville that he and his family had a disastrous Father’s Day last year. “Caroline (wife) was perfect in asking me what did I want for Father’s Day, and I said I want to go camping with the boys on a little trout stream thing. So I went and borrowed…I knew a buddy who had a pull-behind trailer camper. Get the camper hooked up, get the campsite. It’s 98 degrees. I had loaded a lawn mower in the back of my truck. By the time I got done mowing an acre of four-foot-tall grass for the campsite and mosquitoes, I couldn’t get the RV or couldn’t get the camper [to work]. The camper never works like you want to. So, it may just be a day around the pool at the Bryan house.”

Luke Bryan says Father’s Day is always special for him. “Father’s Day is certainly always really, really special. Half the time I load the boat up with all the boys and it’s Father’s Day and I’m untangling fishing line all day. But that’s what being a dad’s all about. Father’s Day’s always special. Caroline is always great about creating some fun … She’s always really proactive in making days like that very special for me.”

Hollywoodlife.com claims Blake Shelton is looking forward to spending Father’s Day with Gwen Stefani’s boys. A source tells the website; “He knows Gwen’s boys have all sorts of gifts planned for him. They’re not very good at keeping secrets so they’ve told him what half of them are. Apparently, he’s getting all kinds of stuff for the outdoors. They’ve even got him a new pair of waterproof camo overalls. Blake doesn’t care about gifts, but to see the kids get so excited about what they’ve picked out, that’s a thrill for him. Blake’s always wanted sons and although he’s not technically their dad, he does feel like Gwen’s kids are family. He loves them like his own. The holiday is bittersweet for Blake. He is not giving up hope that one day, he and Gwen can have a baby together to share the holiday with.”

Bebe Rexha tells Pop Culture Country that country stars are nicer than pop stars. She said she first learned this at the ACM Awards. “All the girls shared one dressing room, so it was like Carrie Underwood, and Maren Morris, and Reba [McEntire] was walking by. I was like, ‘This is so different from the pop world.’ Everybody’s just equal, and there’s no egos, and everybody’s respectful. That’s really nice, because, in the pop world, it’s such a different vibe and a different world, where it’s very cutthroat, especially with women. So, being around them, and being around more of a family and a loving environment, it feels so much more fulfilling, in a sense, even when you have success. When we wrote ‘Meant To Be,’ I remember Tyler (Hubbard) inviting me over to Nashville. Like, ‘Come on, let’s celebrate.’ He invited me and my whole team. And I was like, ‘For what?’ He said, ‘Cause we wrote a great song.'”

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill recently saw Bruce Springsteen’s Broadway show ”Springsteen on Broadway”. Tim Tweeted: “Faith & I went to see this last night. Most incredible thing I’ve ever seen. Masterfully done, every artist who sees this will be truly inspired to be better, to give more & to live up to the gifts & responsibility we’ve been given. Watching the Boss & [his wife] Patti [Scialfa] together was magic.”

Darius Rucker tells Pop Culture Country that his mother molded him into the father he has become today. “She had a lot great qualities, but she was always, family was first for her. She was always a rock and making sure she took care of us and making sure we had things we needed to have to survive – food and clothes and a home – and seeing that and seeing how hard she worked and all the things she did just really made me the father that I am today. I mean, I’m so crazy and hands-on with my kids. I think it all comes from watching my mom have to struggle so much to support us. And so now, I don’t want me or my wife to ever have to struggle, and I don’t want my kids to ever want or wonder where I am or where their mom is. I want them to always know where we are and always be taken care of, and that all comes from my mom.”

Justin Moore tells CMT that his parents taught him how to be a great father. “My mom and dad are basically model parents/ My dad is a great human being who always leads by example. How to be the head of the household, how to be the dad, how to be the husband. For me, to have him in my life and to witness how you’re supposed to do it? It’s been awesome.”

Dan + Shay were recently performing in Hartford, Connecticut when they covered Justin Timberlake’s song ”Can’t Stop the Feeling.”